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    you arent targetone legit person of that char is rylzen if im not wrong why steal nicks 😀 jaja

    In mi opinion let buffs retails so 2 mins is my opinion

    in reply to: Mortal and Deadly Blow Skills Bug #1396

    Sorry maybe i did not explained well.

    Treasure hunter – Abyss walker :
    With: Focus lvl 3 + Dance of fire. will do ridiculously damange on mortal blow skills (less damage than without buffs)

    Plan walker .
    With: Focus level 3 + Dance of fire . will do 3.000 , 4.000 damage with each mortal blow skill.

    This test id done without “focus” skill

    in reply to: Mortal and Deadly Blow Skills Bug #1393

    Not needed a restart i think. also TH , Abyss walker will do less damage if : focus3 + dance appplyed. but if class is plain walker he will do 4k ++ of damage with those buffs

    in reply to: Can`t place buy shop #1331

    i just cant log in anymore after trying to set a buy shop….

    This is “access failed” error that i mentioned before . the only way to make you log again is a server restart , your character is stucked ingame and can not be kicked. If silentzor can fix this would be interesting even mindaugas could not (or maybe he didnt focused on this) . Aparently is related to user socket , and with offline trade. (Disable offline trade do not Fix this) , I think this could be because of antiexploit related to private store buy but not sure

    Also this usually happends when 1) Dualbox Trade , 2) When player try setup private store 3) sometimes player screen froozen and if he force close L2.exe he may get this.


    A few hints:
    1) In C3 you can sell maximum of 3 items at one time<br>
    2) You hit Private Store – Buy instead of Private Store – Sell<br>
    3) Your Message is too long<br>
    4) You don’t have enough adena :p (j/k)

    Is because he have not adena , but the fact is that he have the adena. this problem happend because of Antiexploit of Private store buy i suppose to avoid dupes or other tricks maybe.
    Usually when player try setup private store buy of certain mats , or items price will be : 64.000 adena instead of desired one
    If he try buy 400 coals at 2.000 because of this antiexploit sometimes the price can change to 64.000 adena
    In the most of chases the player can not start private store but in other player will start a Storebuy with price of 64.000 adenas per item and will get scamed by the others.


    I wonder were did you get Auth for protocol 560 (custom patch by green hope) ?

    in reply to: Posible Bug list #881

    3) Maybe it was bug on previous server. actually vicious stance multiply critical damage greatly. and mortal blow in base C1 depend of:
    -critical chance = sucess rate
    -critical damage = damage
    Problem is that by default on this pack vicious stance can make mortal blows and archer hits of: 3.000 – 5000 hp dont know about damage if admin use vicious stance (modified by extender)

    5) Thanks i didnt know that it appears on official also. i will try clean C1 pack ant check if this happend

    3) I see but it only happends sometimes ? . auto soulshots can be enabled also removing one of them but by that way them will not increase casting speed

    in reply to: Posible Bug list #876

    7) Fake death failed will cause character sit dow (to prevent this character must be runing when use skill. or you can change fake death sucess to 100%

    in reply to: Crash when alt-tabbing #867

    malware ? nope i try and test all stuff that i upload to internet plus if posible i use original source.

    If you do not unmark options it will install you Yandex toolbar but do not worry that search toolbar do not have spyware or malware. (well all search toolbars include google ones will use your personal information and all stuff that you search on internet to make profiles with hidden & evil pourposes) in fact almost all free programs use your personal information

    in reply to: Crash when alt-tabbing #860

    Are you using ciclic language ?

    *Note: this tool only needed to who use ciclic languages. and have problems with it

    # Russian

    Для тех у кого проблемы с переключением на другие приложения + тех кто использует несколько окон.

    Arum Switcher – Aurum Setup

    Качаем , ставим , включаем , забываем. программа работает как пунто свичер. Когда вы в игре пишите на отличным от анг. языке то при переключении на браузер к примеру часто вылетают криты.
    Программа автоматом перевод раскладку на язык активный в винде. помогая избежать критических ошибок клиента.

    ### English

    Fix of Critical errors white Tab+alt and fix the problem with DualBox char dont follow well.

    First off all its better to Run Lineage 2 From administrator names in windows.
    Right click on l2.exe > Run as Administrator.

    For disable problem with swich to other programs.
    Download and setup Arum Switcher – Aurum Setup

    The program is almost like Punto switcher, it just change the language to windows currect when you tab from game where you type in Rus for example.

    in reply to: Account Requests #838

    Hi , If needed I could recommend you a CMS that is very safe and have many anti DDos options plus all php querys create cache file on desired time in order to avoid continious querys. it comes with some stats as pk , pvp , casttle , raid boss etc. you know I would need some information , nothing more.

    you already have my contact.


    in reply to: Error when launching the client #751

    Negative delta time!
    History: UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop

    Program to set afinyty for use only 1 core

    Download this tool

    Click on browse , go to l2 folder
    then pick 1 core and click on Lauch like in the picture.

    Task manager

    1 open L2
    2 Open task manager , pick l2 process and 2º click (the right)

    3 slect only 1 core

    You should do this fast.. is better option 1.

    AMD CPU Driver Fix:

    in reply to: Can't start the Client #687

    Try with L2.bat inside /system/ folder

    Also if you using windows 8 Need this Bat 😀

    *Link Deleted*

    *Make sure move it to Lineage 2 C3 / System

    in reply to: Fast visit… #677

    But dualbox will be posible here or not ? how many box etc ?

    About protection all people know how to open l2 2 times. but not all know about debug / hacking or doing virtual machines. so you could have 1 or 2 buthurts doing dualbox instead of 10 average players. so you will have much less people to control maybe even nobody

    About Lan party those modules use Mac or other metods so IP is not needed

    I dont recommend this one is just a example



    BTW L2.bat is maded by you ? not bad

    in reply to: Fast visit… #656

    Hi silentzor . I asume you will not allow Dualbox ?

    I will talk my own experience: in my server when you loging 2º announce you see : No dualbox. players know that im check and punish it. anyway some of them like the risk and still doing.

    The best to avoid those problems is add protection module to client / server. that allow you to configure how many Box players can open from 1-x and protect from IG-oog , debug and etc etc. As i know can be needed add little code on extender and know blowfish of client . im having problems to find one option posible with C2 client i will notice you if i finally find a way. maybe you know good modules ?

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