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    Dear Owner!

    I just checked out Your new server. Downloaded, auto-patched, ect.

    When I logged in I tought this is the one what I’m looking for.

    Then, when I checked out the forums… it seems I was wrong. So that was my fast visit on Your server.
    I hope You will understand, that an “ALL BOTTING IS FORBIDDEN” thinking isn’t starting a c3 server.

    YOU SHOULD enable at least l2walker buffers, or no one will play. YOU SHOULD set up an l2walker method to play with, so players can download, can sell, can use buffers, ect…

    Remember. All n1. private servers were good becouse of L2Walker (IG/OG). That’s what i’m and so many other players looking for. I’ll check on the forums again after a few days, I hope You will understand this.

    Thank you.



    Play fair or don’t play at all. That’s all I have to say.


    Lol’d so hard @ sharyn’s gif haha.

    Thanks for checking out our server, we hope you stick around. However, we don’t like botting and we also do not encourage it. All classes will be usable in PVP and PVE, just like in old days. There will be no NPC/BOT/AIO buffers here, there are plenty of servers with these features out there.

    There are potions for Speed (lvl 2), Attack Speed (lvl 2) and Casting Speed (Lvl 3) sold in the shops, and they are more than enough to play in C3. Don’t forget C3 stats are much higher than any other chronicle (buffs are calculated on your current stats, not your base stats). You can always play a buffer class or have a buffer friend.

    Asking for such things is making some classes useless. In that regard we should also have bot healers following every player and spam healing, and bot tanks to tank everything and everyone, and bot damage dealers to attack every target possible, and basically just quit the game and let it run on it’s own. Thanks, but no.

    This is a classic C3 high rate experience, just like in the old L2x C3 days.

    Thank you for your suggestions, however it is highly unlikely you will see something here.

    I’d also like to mention that there are 2 server owners, not just 1.
    We are called silentz0r and toolpunk , respectively.
    We are good fellas.


    Well, thanks for the fast answer, I got what I want.

    Good luck in the future, I really hope the server community will grow.

    and dear sharyn… that’s for you



    Hi silentzor . I asume you will not allow Dualbox ?

    I will talk my own experience: in my server when you loging 2º announce you see : No dualbox. players know that im check and punish it. anyway some of them like the risk and still doing.

    The best to avoid those problems is add protection module to client / server. that allow you to configure how many Box players can open from 1-x and protect from IG-oog , debug and etc etc. As i know can be needed add little code on extender and know blowfish of client . im having problems to find one option posible with C2 client i will notice you if i finally find a way. maybe you know good modules ?


    Nope. And in my opinion this is pretty much a waste of time because:

    1) People can run virtual machines on the same PC.
    2) People can run L2 from more than 1 computer.

    Adding protection about this on the server is basically the same as telling players they can’t have lan parties (cause you’ll be doing some checks on IPs). We won’t be that strict about dualboxing, but we will be strict about botting.

    Client side security can be easily bypassed most times, and I don’t dig much into them.


    But dualbox will be posible here or not ? how many box etc ?

    About protection all people know how to open l2 2 times. but not all know about debug / hacking or doing virtual machines. so you could have 1 or 2 buthurts doing dualbox instead of 10 average players. so you will have much less people to control maybe even nobody

    About Lan party those modules use Mac or other metods so IP is not needed

    I dont recommend this one is just a example



    BTW L2.bat is maded by you ? not bad


    Dualboxing will be allowed while the server has low population. If the server gets high population, we might have to disallow it. Botting will be punishable with ban of accounts.

    You don’t need L2.bat for now unless we tell you to launch, and yes I’ve worked on it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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