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    My client keeps crashing whenever I click outside of the game’s window or alt-tab out of it, it’s extremely annoying 🙁
    I tried to google it, all I found was some XP language setting to change, couldn’t find it in win7.


    Unfortunately for now you have to live with that. C3 was not meant to run on Windows 7, so for now it’s good that we have it running. I have noticed that having some other programs running in the background allows you to alt tab fine (such as TeamViewer), I will dig into this further and try to come up with a solution.


    Alright, thanks for your quick answer 🙂


    Is work on win7….look at this picture.
    Look Here


    W4n7ed2008, you dont know what you/we are talking about. The game itself works, but what ever you do (and changing it to “Compatibility XP” wont help you) using Tab or the Windows button to go back to your Desktop will crash your client on a high chance.


    Indeed, this doesn’t help. Only thing that works so far for me is this


    Are you using ciclic language ?

    *Note: this tool only needed to who use ciclic languages. and have problems with it

    # Russian

    Для тех у кого проблемы с переключением на другие приложения + тех кто использует несколько окон.

    Arum Switcher – Aurum Setup

    Качаем , ставим , включаем , забываем. программа работает как пунто свичер. Когда вы в игре пишите на отличным от анг. языке то при переключении на браузер к примеру часто вылетают криты.
    Программа автоматом перевод раскладку на язык активный в винде. помогая избежать критических ошибок клиента.

    ### English

    Fix of Critical errors white Tab+alt and fix the problem with DualBox char dont follow well.

    First off all its better to Run Lineage 2 From administrator names in windows.
    Right click on l2.exe > Run as Administrator.

    For disable problem with swich to other programs.
    Download and setup Arum Switcher – Aurum Setup

    The program is almost like Punto switcher, it just change the language to windows currect when you tab from game where you type in Rus for example.


    Nice, it does seem to work with default parameters, but …

    Seriously what does this program even do ?

    It also installed some russian program (malware ?) I don’t care about, which was probably one of the options I couldn’t read during install. So be careful if you try it.


    malware ? nope i try and test all stuff that i upload to internet plus if posible i use original source.

    If you do not unmark options it will install you Yandex toolbar but do not worry that search toolbar do not have spyware or malware. (well all search toolbars include google ones will use your personal information and all stuff that you search on internet to make profiles with hidden & evil pourposes) in fact almost all free programs use your personal information

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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