Thank you for your support! The server is kept online through your donations.

“That sounds great. But why should I donate?”

Donations keep this project alive, and have done so for many years. Donating helps cover the server’s monthly costs (website / server). We code and maintain the entire project as a hobby, so any Donation is kindly appreciated (small or big), and goes directly into the server’s costs. We are happy to accept any donation from our players to support the L2OldSkool Server project. As a “thank you” to your gesture you shall receive a reward proportionate to the amount you donated.

Donations may be made via Paypal.



By submitting donations you agree to the following:

  • The term donating is to be understood as the act of giving L2OldSkool money, understanding that it is a donation, not a payment, thus no materials, real or electronic, are bound to be given in return, however, L2OldSkool may reward the donator’s generosity.
  • Upon donating, you agree that you are NOT entitled to receive any compensation in lieu of the donation you made, but instead, rewarded with a virtual gift, according to the information indexed on the website for your generosity.

As a donator, one must agree to the following:

  • The donator is not purchasing services, goods, or time.
  • The donator must acknowledge that L2OldSkool does not sell services or goods related to the game Lineage 2.
  • Upon delivery of items, the delivered items may not be exchanged for other items.
  • If the donator’s account is terminated for any reason, he or she is not entitled to a reimbursment.
  • Gifts received in response to a donation or donations will not be replaced if they are lost, or dropped in game.
  • If gifts received in response to a donation or donations and get stolen, it is on Administration Team’s opinion whether they will be returned or not to the owner.
  • All donations are final. The donator must agree that donations are non-refundable and cannot be recalled.
  • L2OldSkool reserves the right to modify this agreement without the prior notice or consent of any other party.

Rewards System

The donation reward system rewards player for their support. You can find Donation Rewards on the in-game reward NPC!

Important Information

  • 1 Donate Token = €1
  • For each 1,00 EURO (€), the donator is rewarded with 1 Donate Token which can be exchanged at the online reward NPC.
  • All currencies are in EURO (€)

Donation Rewards

Donation RewardDonate Tokens
Titanium Armor Set (Robe)50
Titanium Armor Set (Heavy/Light)40
Dusk Staff/Dusk Sword25
S Weapon (with SA)20
Epic Mask15
Dusk Shield15
Raid Jewels, 10 15
Titanium Set Part (single part)10
Strider (Star/Wind/Twilight)10
Hatchling (star/wind/twilight)5
Wolf Pet5

Extra Rewards

For any of the following, you will need to contact an Administrator (either in-game or on the website / forums). A server restart might be required, so please be patient.

Donation RewardDonate Tokens
Transfer char to another account5
Change Char Name5
Change Clan Name5
Change Gender2
Change Face1
Change Hairstyle1

Donation Lottery

Make sure you check out our in-game Lottery at the Donation Manager NPC, where you can bet Tokens for a chance to win any of the above (Titanium Sets, Epic Masks, Dusk Items etc.) plus these following Lottery exclusive rewards:

Lottery RewardLottery Tokens
XP Scroll: Level 74100
XP Scroll: Level 6165
XP Scroll: Level 4040
Blessed Enchant Scroll: S Weapon15
Blessed Enchant Scroll: S Armor15
Blessed Enchant Scroll: A Weapon10
Blessed Enchant Scroll: A Armor10
Increase Clan level to 515
Increase Clan level to 410

For more information on the Lottery talk to the in-game NPC!

Donation Methods


You need to fill the “Character Name” field (when asked) with the exact name of the Character who will receive the donation reward (after selecting payment method).

Click the image above to donate!

If you forget to type the Character name
, you’ll need to send an email to with the following:

  • PayPal Transaction ID (you can find this on the email receipt from paypal)
  • Full Name (as it appears on PayPal account)
  • Character name (the name of the character to receive the donation rewards)

Please send an e-mail to or for further information after donating, or if you have any issues with donations.