The Blessed Giants

Hey everyone,

there’s a new update live on the server. This update adds a new custom high level farming zone, The Giants Cave. All the Lesser Giants, Leogul, Gamlin and Barifs have been blessed with high stats, maximum level (80) and new drops!

Two new items have also been added to the server:

  • Recipe: Blessed Enchant Weapon S
  • Recipe: Blessed Enchant Armor S

These are 100% chance recipes to craft Blessed Enchant Weapon/Armor S Grade. The recipes are dropped by all Lesser Giants and Barifs, but something tells me that you should really look out for Elder and Shooter because they have a much better chance of dropping it.

The recipes will turn your regular Scroll of Enchant into Blessed scrolls. They require a regular Enchant, Seal Poweder which you can obtain by farming all high level mobs in Giants Cave, Ancient Adena which you can obtain by farming Catacombs, craftable high level materials and a few other items. The recipe is consumed once crafted, so keep looking out for those.

Detailed recipes and NPC drop rates will be posted soon.

Don’t forget to update your client!

Have fun and see you ingame, more to come soon!

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