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    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>silentz0r wrote:</div>

    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>verdi wrote:</div><br>
    hmmm :D i wouldnt go unrealistic items that much :D imho! atm there is a big need for a bigger community. and some bugfixes (soulshots / spirit shots)

    There’s nothing wrong with soulshots/spiritshots :) I agree on the need for a bigger community, and right now it is mainly up to you guys to bring your old friends/clan mates over to check our server out!

    well the delay with the sps :D and when you switch weapons the SS are not automatically loading. or is that set by you?

    i played retail :D and i remember i could blow all my ss just by switching weapons.

    yet i work on gett all my friends here:D

    Verdi pls dont fuck my topic its in suggestion and your tell us problem’s Go to the Help/support Oh gosh
    Noob Is Noob !

    in reply to: Final Frenzy #1937

    Frenzy works fine. It is a self buff which you can activate only when you are below 20% hp.

    Yeah but im 61 level gladietor so when i have low hp patk status is 1000patk for example with frenzy 1100 so where’s the advantage for Gladi or Destroyer ? i remember old times in official when i use frenzy p atk goes high not like this ….

    Maybe im wrong ..but its not bad to talk

    Ps: *in my opinion* Silentz0r you should think about auto Create account (for somepeople its boring so they dont even start)

    in reply to: Dual Sword More interesting! #1918

    i would like to remind you we ll not drink any chocolate let us try to make it more intersting so you must be open for new ideas

    in reply to: Dual Sword More interesting! #1915

    Bump Staff’s please check it ! 😀

    in reply to: center) #1914 Рейтинг-каталог серверов Lineage2

    Place a link on the site for more players:)

    yeah link dosen’t work !

    in reply to: Baoulettes's Client Mods Showcase #1902

    Yeah I want to show some little thing I made for Lineage II but Only these who are made over Lineage C3 :)

    let first start it with a tiny pokemon!<br>
    Vulpix :D


    Soon i will add more things :3<br>
    hope you like it hihi

    Hey men that’s awesome omg its a beatifull mob’s

    in reply to: SS No grade, Priest of Dawn / Dusk #1894

    i cant seem to find the SS no grade in the normal shops.<br>
    plus do i need to registern for the Necros here? i cant find the priests nessesary. any help?

    Hello mate just search at Village’s (Talking island/Elven Village/Orc Village/Dark elven)

    in reply to: drop site #1886

    Who is drop site for server???pls

    List Of Spoil’s

    in reply to: Cant log in (( #1883

    server is online if you create a New account be patient (few minutes untill Creation)


    in reply to: Lot of ppl ? #1879

    hello is good server? i wanna play c3-c4 with not donations +15 weapons

    ektelesths Server is awesome men but u can take a look at your own

    in reply to: Walker it's Not Allow so this guy DONT CARE #1846

    hey i just told you the truth,cuz me and my friend’s when saw that player botting believe me that the first think that we thought is oh fuck why we xping so hard and this guy botting ???if you notice this player was using for a long time the walker and for this reason I told him or us…Anywar i do not want to offend an1 !

    in reply to: Walker it's Not Allow so this guy DONT CARE #1835

    Admin isn’t fool,when player’s is so closed its walkersign so when im start to hit you,healer start to restore you so fuck off dont lie around…Just accept it .Admin we are waiting for you to solve this problem when we re xping with hard work other guys know easy fast way so make a choice who wanna keep in your server?

    in reply to: Clan Hall Door/Buffer #1552

    yeah im here

    in reply to: VERY IMPORTANT!!!! #1546

    thats sux silentz0r !

    in reply to: Clan Hall Door/Buffer #1545

    Thank you for the quick response

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