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  • in reply to: Dual Sword More interesting! #2005

    silentz0r are u interesting for this change?

    in reply to: Server is Down! #2004

    goodmorning silentz0r

    we just noticed that when gameserver restart we got too much lag after some minutes mobs disappeared
    some mini roll back
    generaly we can play but not enjoy the gameplay

    in reply to: Server is Down! #1995

    Same Shit and today 30 minutes till disconnect always come admin check this if u can

    in reply to: Dual Sword More interesting! #1994

    dle dle definately

    in reply to: Server is Down! #1989

    hey please admin’s do somethink its ridiculus for some reason server goes up for an hour and the other time its offline there’s a problem check it please

    in reply to: Server is Down! #1988


    in reply to: Server is Down! #1985

    yeah but goes offline 5 seconds ago

    in reply to: Top a grade sheeyd's bow etc #1983

    yeah that right we need to change things about better future

    i can help you with TeamViewer only you find me at rahzel.raziel skype

    in reply to: Dual Sword More interesting! #1970

    hey silentz0r the best Dual is Dark Legion Dark legion and if you wanna add some changes do it on Dagger’s
    give us Dragon tooth not angel slayer

    Old is Old 🙂

    in reply to: Clan Privileges Tutorial #1967

    2nd step is the leader of clan and a clanplayer
    3d step its double click on Zashida
    4th step click on clan privilleges and target the player who want to change his privilleges

    There’s some option’s about Clan privilleges
    Invite to clan
    Withrdraw from clan wherehouse
    Operate clan doors and Banish
    Set Title
    All Privilliges (i need to know if its work)
    View Other Privilleges

    That’s the way guys …Sorry about my english
    Ps Silentz0r i can’t create Topic in Tutorial Section please first check it and then moved 🙂

    in reply to: How much player? #1965

    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>verdi wrote:</div>
    mb its because people need to wait 10 – 20 minutes untill the account is active for ingame use?<br>
    and arent there user accounts since the past years or did you wipe them? :D maybe you build some database query and sort them by “last login” or something like that!

    If someone doesn’t want to wait 10 – 20 mins to play on the server, he would probably not even stay for 10 mins on it. This is our 3rd forum and unfortunately the old forum posts & users aren’t compatible with the new forums, plus we had lots of bot attacks, so we had to start fresh. We still have both of our old forums as archives, so I might consider making an “Archive” section where all the old posts will be.

    +1 Silentz0r

    in reply to: [BUG&ISSUE] Friendlist, Trade, Clan Rights #1963

    no need to flame … maybe i remembered wrong :( sorry about any confusion.

    yeah that’s right U MUSTNT FLAME cuz sparda says that Putting SA on weapon’s losing enchanting(all server’s its same on this)

    in reply to: How much player? #1951

    y0, I have question How much player play always ?

    hey xmateusz if you’re online you can pm me at CrazyDamager/Antifa/Slade/MiniMe

    in reply to: Website features #1950

    some website features would be awesome

    for example:<br>
    ~castle owners<br>
    ~pvp ranking<br>
    ~pvp ranking clan (count all clan members pvp kills in 1)<br>
    ~pk ranking<br>
    ~raidboss times<br>
    ~current ammount of players actively playing (people come to the page check the forum and its barely active most posts are from tony silentz0r me)<br>
    ~uptime of the server OR time till next maintenence

    Hey Verdi nice idea but

    But i dont like current player cuz if ppl saw us that we re so little community they will go elsewhere to play
    Generaly +1

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