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    super late reply, but i mean if you where comparing it to like kiting, kiting is a game mechanic and is perfectly legal because its just some classes have the ability to do it and is a mechanic.  But if you where just sitting on a ledge perching a raid boss that cant hit back because of bad coding in the game. Wouldnt you consider this cheap?  Its technically using a bug within the game to better ones self and if thats ok whats to say thats any different then using any other bugs to better ones self?  Sorry just want some clarification.

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    perching has been a bannable offense in retail and every free server ive played on.  So yes its considered bug using just like if there was an exsisting enchant bug to make you + your weapon to infinity it would be bug using. In short anything you do that that takes advantage of the game to better yourself is “cheating”.

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    do not poke the one that they call google, you will have drones dropping bombs on your house before you even know whats going on :O

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    welcome, i myself am more of a pvper, although you dont have to worry about it much here for right now.  As far as pks go, i only pk people that wont war me back 😛

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    well you may call me second, everyone truly knows i am the first sexiest

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    Ya I didn’t mean that literally I know you don’t plan on going anywhere.  Just a point in saying donations are a nessesary evil and need to be beneficial for most to get people to do them.  :p .  meanwhile I upgraded my computer recently and for some reason my ping got worse. Not sure why but its really hard to play :(.  I miss everyone

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    I actually like a lot of the ideas you have here.  I can see you’ve put a lot of thought into what you have said.  Only thing i would say i partially agree with and i know a lot of people disagree with me is the donation system.

    Ok so big picture yes we want more people and to have them stick around.  Donation system as you said almost everything can be got from ingame with exception to i think antheras earring.  Which btw is a pretty much useless raid jewel as of right now because none of the vamp or healing affects dont work on it right now.  Also honestly i know its not entirely easy to get everything ingame from doing raid bosses.  But thats half the fun right?  What fun is a game when you already have everything?  From there you just basically pvp and seige castles.  Also you can effectively do every raid boss in game right now with 3 mages and a buff squad.  Not terribly hard if you could line up a group for random times of the day with just a simple mass message crossed server you could more then likely assemble something.

    Now why i believe donations are so vital to growing the server and why there has to be unique things involved.  I honestly do agree it does kinda suck when some servers make it a so called “pay to win” server.  I dont think this server is even remotely close to that.  I can see where people can see a donation NPC and be deterred, but what is the whole point of a donation system?  The point in my eyes is that as long as its controlled correctly it gives the server moderators a form of sustainable cash to maintain what they have and hopefully be able to put back into the game in form of new servers and more time invested into developing new things to keep it interesting.  At this point i will tell you it is very hard for me to play because of server location, i click and 3 secs later my game reacts.  Now how is game moderators going to be able to bring in newer players around the world if they log on and the first time playing has to deal with that?

    This is a problem that can be fixed with either better servers or more server locations.  But in order to do that it requires money, money needs to come from donation systems.  Honestly majority and i will say vast majority of players out there will not donate, they just wont for various reasons no matter how great or terrible a server is or what they get for a reward.  Then you have a very small fraction of people that do donate weather it be for personal gain ingame, or something you where talking about with “Cosmetic Things”.  But i think we can all agree most donators WILL not donate unless it gives them some sort of advantage or personal gain, even if its something very small and simple.
    I fully believe to make a game grow you need a healthy balance of donator and non within a game to keep everything even so the game doesnt become a pay to win or a place where moderators loose interest in their game.  Because everyone knows this isnt free for everyone, someone has to pay to keep things running, someone has to donate the time to debug, update and renew the server.

    I will say openly yes I am a donator.  I am apart of a small fraction of donators that could care less if i gain something from doing it or not.  You could ask silentzor, majority of what ive donated for is still in the form of tokens on my character.  I genuinely donate because i believe in where the server is at and where it is going and its pretty much a gamble that i and other donators are taking because we have no idea if moderator will pick up and say well im done tomorrow.  I do it to hopefully see the server grow and become something bigger and it makes me happy to be apart of helping that.  Some people do it in other ways, Baoulettes for instance you do it in form of helping with new ideas and coding and detailing which is something i could never do, and you do an amazing job, and to be honest is worth more than any donation in my eyes.

    Anyway i digress, i hope everyone gets where im coming from with this and im not to all over the place with how i said it.

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    i am in the same boat as baoulettes aswell saddly.  Video card wont stop overheating no matter what i do, and its to old of a computer to repair and i dont have the money to buy a new computer right now :(…hopefully soon though.

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    im kinda in the same boat as baoulettes, my computer recently took a crap on me, it will intermittently work.  With all the stuff my wife wants to do with landscaping stuff this summer im not sure how much i will be able to put into it to fix it 🙁

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    sorry man, spring time.  and with the new house my wife has 100 things for me on her “to do” list to get done before winter.  ill try to get on today for a bit.

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    pop is low right now, but when some new updates hit soon there will be a flood of new people and older ones aswell.  So pvp isnt really happening yet there are 3 active raids and one other that nobody has attempted yet i believe (anthuras).

    But ya if you wanted to join us please feel free to message me or Alkien(he will more then likely be on more than i am) and we can hit you up with a clan invite

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    that bow is freaking awesome, gotta tell ya Baoulettes you are doing some awesome work.

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    sorry for the late reply, but if you are still playing and are looking for a clan and dont already have one, i would be happy to send out the invitation.  Just got done with an extended absence. But i should be around for good now :).

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    you dont get it, as in blahde blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    most definitely a false negative, french toast is good, but i guess you would just call it toast.  i think Rhinos are cool, but last Friday i played some baseball with my nephew, hes cool.

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