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    As you might see (or not eheheh)
    These months I was pretty away from Lineage II (My computer as died and well I can’t afford one….(I am actually trying to sell draws, assistance in anykind to get one, but that not my goal here I won’t make my own ads) )
    So I am maintly using an old “Computer” that could be used only particially for internet navigation.
    And so here my goal.

    I want this server to be alive, not Online but Alive.
    What do I mean?
    Sometime I log from friends home and see Absolutly NO ONE.
    What a shame for such server.
    What cause it?
    Simply the server is pretty “old” in time and the last time I “heard” of it on popular Lineage Platform it was some Years ago.

    So here what I can still do for the server.
    I wanted to make a polished Client and sent you already some nice files that could make a nice “update” pack.
    Now I can make more the visual part of it.
    I mean beside Google how can you find that server?
    Now the “top” server doesn’t work that much anymore it seem…
    Now peoples “follow or like” things if you see what I mean.
    So why not making a Facebook or Twitter pages page that show a daily “picture” not too much to not make the player harassed !
    But that could show “hey I’m still there! come play on me baby !”

    On your neat site why don’t you put a “Media” part?
    Like people could share there picture or youtube video taken in game !
    Oh sure task someone to validate it, I don’t know maybe *cough* moderators *cough*

    Speaking of Videos.
    Maybe I tell maybe a Youtube channel could be made to show your features?
    Custom Npc?
    that Clan hall system?
    I would love to make it but as you know I can’t even play that much (I use a 64mb gpu so forget that recording part.)

    Now come to here.
    I have seen this server for serveral years.
    I used to always play with like 8 box to be honnest.
    Here my character list for the curious.

    Gotrunk – Blade Dancer
    Midona – SpellHowler
    Baoulettes – Warlord / Treasure Hunter
    Claire – Gladiator
    Clare – Warlord
    Mysticia – Sword Singer / Elven Elder (depend on the server version.)
    Alamitrie – Prophet
    Mystinoob – Elven Elder / Sword Singer (depend on the server version.)
    SongTuner – Sword Singer
    BillBourin – Destroyer
    Faenorr – Shillien Elder
    Perlouze – Bounty Hunter
    Orkidia – Warcryer
    Perlouzettes – Warsmith
    Almighty – Overlord

    So yep I covered several class during L2OS 🙂
    (note = that these char aren’t all in the last version ^^)
    I still remind having all these logged in Elven Village for the familly picture severals years ago.

    Now what and why peoples does not stay I have several ideas
    Someone and many will tell “cuz there no one there”
    That true but if you had stayed maybe it would want to make someone to stay.

    Now some crawler and farmer will tell me
    “fak that cave beast owned me that too powerfull”
    I agree on that that a long debate and I still keep my position on it mobs aren’t made for Most of the class.
    For example in Lineage I do like that :

    from Level 0 to Level 10 I farm Keltirs.
    Level 10 – 22 Elven Ruins
    22 – 40 Execution Ground (including mini bosses)
    40 – 55 Cruma tower 1 & 2
    55 + I used to farm Dragon valley cave entrance so that mean Cave beast.
    and since my First C3 I did that with my BD so after several years I can say if the mobs is correct or not.
    Oh btw I used to play In Composite dual raid x raid +5 from 45 to 61 so … with better stuff it would do better 😉
    So here an example I had here and that make me rage like a kids to be honnest.

    Mobs have correct HP base
    But definitly not correct Patk and even more less correct Critical Power formula that like they have death whisper lv3
    (btw you can be one shooted at lv 61 full nightmare +6 selfbuff if you add them Death whisper buff. I tried.)
    So if a BD can’t do how a support class is supposed to do?
    Yeah that great for party and when you have shit load of player to help the support (lol) but for a single player that totaly unfair and not lineage like.
    But that not all
    After that Every DVC (Dragon Valley Cave) so meaning lv 60+ have that weird things.
    I can tell that the formal in damage/def isn’t correct but i am not here to put a flame war as I know that a pretty hard things to correct.
    And I think that the biggest “bug*” in the server

    * = not sure if you haven’t intended it to make dagger / bow user less powerfull.

    Now that might but only me but pass lv 68 – 70 what you do ?
    No one to pvp , nothing to farm ?
    I suggest something like a simple and easy farming zone for exp (I will speak about the cata later.)
    You could used a zone (not TOI as you”re already planing something) but there is several ground to play with, like putting mobs a little bit stronger that Karik even same AI with a bit more Adenas / exp / sp no other generals drop you copy past it several time to have several different skin mobs and tyou have a zone like DVC end with other mobs.
    you will just have to do a spawnlist for them.
    I am sure and myself I could do that if you want some hands ! I can even try to find the zone for you and even the spawn point coord.
    It could be cool and bring some new air for your server, if peoples see “update” they see life !

    Now about Necro / Cata
    The system actually is fine.
    Just a little request.
    You have several level covered that correct
    You have correct exp and drop too
    Now here my request.
    You have actually necro / cata set that way :
    They drop few adenas and seal and really few exp/sp
    Why not making two distinct side?
    Like Angel and Evil ?
    Cata spawn only “Angel” mobs like
    Necro spawn only “Dark” mobs?
    but make it even more separed.
    Like Angel drop few adenas ton (eheh) of seals and low exp but great SP
    and Dark mobs drop Ton of Adena but few seals and great exp but low SP.
    It could make player to enjoy some unique zone.
    (that just a request I don’t tell the actually system is bad!)

    Another point I wanted to speak about “RaidBosses”
    Yeap Actually we are low population but maybe in futur we would love to see and try rbs
    Now the question is How and Why peoples would farm RB if they got all from the GM shop.
    Here a little idea maybe you could put boosted bosses like Anakim Lilith in term of stats.
    But for Low raidbosses!
    Like it would totaly pwn to see High Level in Dwarven village ground just to hit an bosses.
    that would give interrested in low zone.
    In term of AI just take the same as Anakim / lilith just put different minions.

    About the drop list I think the one from Lilith & Anakim is fine if they have the same stats.

    Speaking of bosses.
    Really really as a Spellhowler but Mental attack/debuff Slow, sleep and every crap resistance like 100% !!!
    That too overpowered !
    And Tanks lost there jobs !
    If you put that just make weaker attack on heaver armor so tanks can handle them with an healer.
    It would make more challenging boss and also make them funnier.

    Now also I wanted to speak about a tricky thread.
    The donations.
    I will be honnest.
    Pardon me but they aren’t balanced.
    As players seeing a server with bosses jewels as donation it’s isn’t that great and Many players before playing they check the donation page to see if that fear or not.
    Seeing Accessory, cosmetic things that fine.
    Also you could put funny things there like pets, Dekarma (?)
    maybe some “boost” for PVE but not stuff as it affect pvp and people won’t even put effort on something they can see as pay to win.
    (I know we can all obtain it in game but yeah we can also obtain +16 that doesn’t mean that easy to get)
    I don’t know there is several things to get via donation that wouldn’t make it a bad first view.
    but that my view maybe others like that personnaly as I am a play who Never donated to Any games I know I care about donation system cause that play on the game balance.

    And something maybe that could “please” peoples
    Maybe for your TOI mobs or the zone idea I spoken before you could use the file I sent you to make them “new”
    It would show to players “Look my sexy weapons wanna put an hands to them?”
    Same stats as Dusk weapons and you’re fine to go to please all and most of the class with the diversity I sent you.

    now several error or thing forgotten I seen.

    Zaphina poor little npc.
    She would love to see your hands , she haven’t been updated since a biiiiit of time.

    Clan hall npc buffer haven’t the same name in Html & NPG grp dat than your tutorial.
    In game it named “Jeffrey” in your tutorial you said “Joffrey” hum you think about someone eheheh

    Now my conclussion.
    I tell it not to show how bad it is but more to show how to make it alive.
    I am direct but I don’t want to be bad at all I just wanted to expose my ideas to all so you can judge it and maybe correct me if I am not on the correct road.
    And cause I got tired of the routine of “there is no any news/updates” with time 🙂
    Again I tell you that Silent and Tool if you read it !
    If you need hands to do things just ask me I won’t ask you for a paycheck cause I wanna help that all.
    I won’t any privileges at all !
    “Thanks” is enough for me.
    So yeah even if I am not strong in server side “Train me, Teach me” Show me all together it could be easier for you and come faster for all.

    If you need any precision I can tell you cause I actually made several try in my side, that just a “sample” all that. I can make more precise things if you ask.

    Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !


    I actually like a lot of the ideas you have here.  I can see you’ve put a lot of thought into what you have said.  Only thing i would say i partially agree with and i know a lot of people disagree with me is the donation system.

    Ok so big picture yes we want more people and to have them stick around.  Donation system as you said almost everything can be got from ingame with exception to i think antheras earring.  Which btw is a pretty much useless raid jewel as of right now because none of the vamp or healing affects dont work on it right now.  Also honestly i know its not entirely easy to get everything ingame from doing raid bosses.  But thats half the fun right?  What fun is a game when you already have everything?  From there you just basically pvp and seige castles.  Also you can effectively do every raid boss in game right now with 3 mages and a buff squad.  Not terribly hard if you could line up a group for random times of the day with just a simple mass message crossed server you could more then likely assemble something.

    Now why i believe donations are so vital to growing the server and why there has to be unique things involved.  I honestly do agree it does kinda suck when some servers make it a so called “pay to win” server.  I dont think this server is even remotely close to that.  I can see where people can see a donation NPC and be deterred, but what is the whole point of a donation system?  The point in my eyes is that as long as its controlled correctly it gives the server moderators a form of sustainable cash to maintain what they have and hopefully be able to put back into the game in form of new servers and more time invested into developing new things to keep it interesting.  At this point i will tell you it is very hard for me to play because of server location, i click and 3 secs later my game reacts.  Now how is game moderators going to be able to bring in newer players around the world if they log on and the first time playing has to deal with that?

    This is a problem that can be fixed with either better servers or more server locations.  But in order to do that it requires money, money needs to come from donation systems.  Honestly majority and i will say vast majority of players out there will not donate, they just wont for various reasons no matter how great or terrible a server is or what they get for a reward.  Then you have a very small fraction of people that do donate weather it be for personal gain ingame, or something you where talking about with “Cosmetic Things”.  But i think we can all agree most donators WILL not donate unless it gives them some sort of advantage or personal gain, even if its something very small and simple.
    I fully believe to make a game grow you need a healthy balance of donator and non within a game to keep everything even so the game doesnt become a pay to win or a place where moderators loose interest in their game.  Because everyone knows this isnt free for everyone, someone has to pay to keep things running, someone has to donate the time to debug, update and renew the server.

    I will say openly yes I am a donator.  I am apart of a small fraction of donators that could care less if i gain something from doing it or not.  You could ask silentzor, majority of what ive donated for is still in the form of tokens on my character.  I genuinely donate because i believe in where the server is at and where it is going and its pretty much a gamble that i and other donators are taking because we have no idea if moderator will pick up and say well im done tomorrow.  I do it to hopefully see the server grow and become something bigger and it makes me happy to be apart of helping that.  Some people do it in other ways, Baoulettes for instance you do it in form of helping with new ideas and coding and detailing which is something i could never do, and you do an amazing job, and to be honest is worth more than any donation in my eyes.

    Anyway i digress, i hope everyone gets where im coming from with this and im not to all over the place with how i said it.


    First of all very thoughtful texts from both of you, and thanks for taking the time to write them up. Basically things that both of you said are actually the future of this server, I will try to keep my answers as short as possible:

    1) We do have a facebook page but I don’t really write stuff on it. I guess I could link all news articles automatically to be posted on facebook.

    2) I consider Videos part of the forum, in the Photos & Videos section. I guess we could have a separate page for “Media”, but it would be a bit chaotic.

    3) I agree, Tanks need to be buffed. This is on my to-do list and should be happening soon. I don’t like nerfing classes unless they are insanely overpowered, instead I prefer to buff other classes to mitigate that advantage (it makes the game more fun for everyone to be strong 😉 )

    4) Level 70+: Right now, you can farm Catacombs and reach level 74 for max skills. I am planning on releasing the custom Hero System soon, which will make people want to grind up to 80 in order to complete it. Also, there will be a custom farming area for 2-5 man parties, where mobs will be stronger and give more rewards. All in all, people will have interesting things to do after hitting the level 70+ mark.

    5) I really like the Cata/Necro idea, as people will choose where to farm based on what they need (XP to reach 80 or AA to add SA’s etc.) It’s on my list.

    6) Raids should have 100% to some resistances, because they are raids 🙂 I covered tanks above.

    7) New dusk stuff could be added, you know we will add new armors too so sure, why not have new weapons. We’ll do that together 🙂

    8) Updating the News NPC is hard, because it needs a server restart – which is why I stopped doing it. I guess I could add updates whenever I restart the server, but any interesting updates are posted here. Also, the NPC has a limit to how much it can show. I was thinking that Zashida could have all the important news (e.g. when a new feature is implemented), so that people read interesting stuff.

    9) I know you’ll do things for this server and I really appreciate it, also the players appreciate it without even know it 🙂

    10) Donations: I feel like donations are balanced now. Basically, someone who donates can skip some of the grinding (as Twista said), and get to the end-game state right away. Everything can be obtained in game, this is just a way for us to earn a bit of cash to maintain the server. We will also add more cosmetics soon, which might not be obtainable in-game (not sure yet), but as you said this is the point of luxury / cosmetics: they don’t alter gameplay (PvE/PvP), they just look shiny and awesome 🙂

    11) Fucking Joffrey :p Thanks.

    Twista, we’ve been around for 6 years, I doubt that tomorrow I’ll wake up and say “6 years is enough. Fuck this” :p I understand what you’re saying about “gambling” on the fact that the server might close, but that’s not the case with this server. Server’s here to stay for good, I think 6 years is enough to prove that.

    That’s also a funny thing, people keep going to servers that open for a couple of months which are pay-to-win, they donate and then the servers close once the admins have made some money (like that guy I was complaining about who was opening another C3 server and ripping us off). As soon as people realize that this server is here to stay, they will start sticking around.

    Server location is also bound to change to a more favorable location for everyone, which would be either EU West or US East (we’ll decide about that when the time comes).

    This week I plan on doing a lot of L2OS related work, so keep your ears up and your eyes open 😉


    Ya I didn’t mean that literally I know you don’t plan on going anywhere.  Just a point in saying donations are a nessesary evil and need to be beneficial for most to get people to do them.  :p .  meanwhile I upgraded my computer recently and for some reason my ping got worse. Not sure why but its really hard to play :(.  I miss everyone


    About Donation it wasn’t directly to say I think it is a “Pay to win” server cause that isn’t the case.
    That actually balanced.
    Just If I was able to donate to the server I wouldn’t want to keep it as token or take weapons or jewels (farmer here)^^
    I would love to have some Hats or other craps like that (I used to pay more than 100€ on official only for Zaken’s Spirits Sword etc.)

    Also Twista you said that my contribution value more than your ?
    Nah I don’t think that.
    Maintly why ? it cost me nothing that why I do it for nothing 🙂
    Yeah I just take some time.
    But time is nothing for me when that a pleasure 🙂

    Also yeah Peoples could donate to make a boost like (an example.) Instant level 80 + gears to directly pvp I understand really and that I think that a good way to donate.
    But donating to get gears that will own them all on pvp isn’t a good one.
    That why giving stuff peoples can actually get is good.

    Silent About npcs news.
    Why not that you make a simple clean that show Only 3 last updates?
    Nothing more or less.
    I know that limitation I faced that one while I was playing around with the html for C3/c4
    I used to make pages only 😛
    Also you tell me it require a reboot but…
    Isn’t an Update too?

    About Dusk stuff as said I will be able to be back in few weeks 🙂
    So i could finish what I had !
    and with a better computer eheh 🙂

    For that facebook page why don’t you delegate work?
    Automatic things are as crap as death things tbh.
    If that a pic a day you need I could set things easly.
    Also It could be used for almost instant support?
    I tell it cause I use my Baoulettes pages that way.
    Peoples can reach me without knowing my skype etc.
    And notification come on my phones so I can easly reply it between two things :3

    About media I was maintly speaking about screen or video that the page could post so the peoples that doesn’t go on facebook (Ouga ouga captain cavern ouga.)
    could see it too.
    that an idea not what it have to be done.
    Also that sound a bit to much of much but that not that much time consuming when you’re used to it ^^

    For your work on the tank that cool to boost it.
    But there is not only tank tbh ^^
    but that another thread for that already with several calcule for each classes if I remenber right.

    and for finish
    Heya Twista xD!
    It’s been a while since I haven’t seen the second sexy dark elven lady 😉

    Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !


    well you may call me second, everyone truly knows i am the first sexiest

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