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    Hi everyone,

    so let me start “What do i think about this Server and Game?”. First and foremost i want to thank the Admin for a nice featured server. Even though we have a very low player basic but L2 is fun in regardsless. I do have party with few player and its very fun. And everyone i meet in game are very nice an helpful.

    The Game: L2 is ofc an MMO and it mean to play with other people. There are thing i really like in L2  and there ae thing i hate in L2.

    the plus: battle system is great, weapon hit, crit sound, SA, lots of buff, PvE, Soulshot/Spritshot, Armor/Weapon look great on both Male and Female

    the minus: PvP, getting stuck at every corner, drop from the map

    The Server: We all (all race & classed) start in Even Village now. If you afre a newly player you might looking for the first Quest, as an Elves you can get your starting quest and get some soulshot/spiritshot and other race have to grind. This is howevery a very minor issue, since you dont realy have money issue on this server.

    Newbie NPC Buffer: this NPC was feature in C3 and all newbie should love this NPC, but sadly it stop buffing you after 1st job or higher.

    Gatekeeper: i love the Gatekeeper on this server. Every Gatekeeper have the same teleport service!

    SA: all the SA i have purpase sofar work as it intent and i also believe every SA does work on this server.

    Shop: this NPC or GM Shop share the same as on all high rate server. You can buy most of C,B,A and S Grade Equipment. These NPC can be found inGiran near the Gatekeeper.

    Game Design / Cheat / Break the rule:

    Any Admin dont like the Player breaking there Rule on the Server or using cheat. But to be honest we all like to breaking rule, or at least i do. So do i on every game i played. I use the game design flaw to my advance. Many would now say hey that is nothing else as cheating other would say well its a game feature.

    On this server i do break the “Player Rule nr.5” from time to time. I often do this when i think i cant kill this mob alone and this mob disturbing me, while grinding or leveling. I kite the mob and get it stuck or get it fall down to a cliff.

    Boss mob: most of the time its not worth it because the drop chance it too low and it take too long to kill it alone.

    Ofc the server have bug and some design flaw. The Design flaw didnt come from the admin or server but the game it self. One off the most love and hates flaw is stucking. The Mob AI & Pathfinding is very simple design and Player can use environment, like cliff, to your advance. Many Game share this issue. Later design fix this issue by cheating with teleport when stuck or ignore height to reach the Player Charactere.

    This is more or less my opinion. Let me hear yours.


    PS: i know breaking rule will get you punishment

    if i get band: have fun

    if dont get band: see you in game


    Hello 🙂

    The rule is there so that people don’t abuse bugs.

    We changed starting location to Elven Village since we have a low population, so that new players could get a chance to meet with each other.

    Of course all players have the advantage of being naturally intelligent (or at least some of them :p) so they can figure out different ways to do what they want – kill a creep / kill a boss / kill a player / take aggro from a lot of creeps. Sure, you can climb up a hill to kill some creeps below you, that’s not considered cheating. But bugging yourself up an unreachable cliff and then using it to your advantage, that would be cheating. And since we can prevent it, we would never ban someone who reports a bug unless they get caught first.

    If someone has come up with a new idea of killing something it’s fine, as long as it doesn’t abuse bugs. And before we start a great analysis on what is considered “bug abuse”, I will put it simply: If you think you’re abusing a bug, you’re abusing a bug. If you don’t think you’re abusing a bug, then it’s fine.


    Hello 🙂

    the thing is the game was program that way. you cant do much about the simple pathfinding and simple AI without intervene the game code. If you want to prevent that, you have to re-program the pathfinding and AI behavor.

    No, i dont consider me as cheating when using the game feature to my advance. Even though some feature were wanted and some dont. I dont use bot nor bug to make my char unreachable or unkillable. If the mob is “intelegent” it would run around and climb up the cliff to reach me. But most of the time i know how far to stand so the mob cant reach me. But luckly its exist only few place where you can really do that. All in all range class always have a small advance vs melee class.

    I do have one question. Its the Database! Do you think a DB have anyuse for this server? I often searching for drop or what does this mob drop. Nothing is more pleasant than get a full-drop… YES i got a Comp. shield drop from Headless Knight!. Well you might get my idea. This is ofc a nice to have feature.


    perching has been a bannable offense in retail and every free server ive played on.  So yes its considered bug using just like if there was an exsisting enchant bug to make you + your weapon to infinity it would be bug using. In short anything you do that that takes advantage of the game to better yourself is “cheating”.


    perching has been a bannable offense in retail and every free server ive played on. So yes its considered bug using just like if there was an exsisting enchant bug to make you + your weapon to infinity it would be bug using. In short anything you do that that takes advantage of the game to better yourself is “cheating”.

    I don’t agree with this all the way. In most cases it applies, but using game mechanics to your advantage is basically coming up with a strategy to achieve something. Unfortunately we cannot make a list of DOs and DONTs that everyone can follow because simply each case is different. Therefore I try to be as neutral as possible when making decisions, unless someone has managed to really get on my nerves (which is their fault tbh) 🙂


    super late reply, but i mean if you where comparing it to like kiting, kiting is a game mechanic and is perfectly legal because its just some classes have the ability to do it and is a mechanic.  But if you where just sitting on a ledge perching a raid boss that cant hit back because of bad coding in the game. Wouldnt you consider this cheap?  Its technically using a bug within the game to better ones self and if thats ok whats to say thats any different then using any other bugs to better ones self?  Sorry just want some clarification.


    Obviously I agree, that’s what I was trying to say. It’s situational. If there’s a bug that’s being abused most probably it’s against the rules, if it’s a mechanic then probably not. The example you provided is obviously on the “bug abuse” end 🙂

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