Open BETA is finally LIVE (03/08/2013) & PM function!

Hey everyone,

just wanted to let you know that everything is set up, the server is being moved to the new connection as we speak and last minor things will be set up for the new launching! We will first go into BETA for a few days/weeks until things are thoroughly tested, and then we will launch for good! Please try out anything you can and submit bugs on the forums. First few people to join in will get a very special prize, so don’t miss out! Also, BETA testers will receive a gift when the server goes live, so go ahead and join/test and have fun!

*EDIT* New Private Message function is enabled, feel free to try it out through the top bar (L2 OldSkool C3 -> Dashboard -> Messages)

Please use this topic to discuss BETA (we might also create a separate Forum just for the BETA):

Keep checking the server status and registration page, as soon as they go online it means we are LIVE!

See you really soon,



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