About silentz0r

Server owner and such.

Server update 17/04/2020

Hey everyone,

A long awaited update has been applied to the server.
Here’s the changelog:

  • Clan Hall Teleporters
    • Added Teleport to TOI 11th floor (Aden)
    • Fixed teleport list issues
  • Antharas changes
    • Physical attack has been reduced
    • HP regeneration has been significantly reduced
    • Added special drops (you will find out once you’ve slain him)
  • DNS changes (“Cannot resolve hostname” error)
    • The past few days we’ve had several issues with our DNS server, so I’ve written some things in the background to help resolve the issues.

More to come soon,
See you ingame

Discord server

Hey everyone,

come join us on our discord server at to meet each other and see messages from other players even when they are offline. I’m also idle a lot on discord and check messages so come say hi!

We’ve had a lot of players come and go and come again, so it would be great to see as many people as possible on discord so that you can get to know each other.

Please remember to keep conversation casual and post any issues on the forums instead, so that other players can benefit from it.

Hope to see all of you join us on discord!

Major Systems Update

Hey everyone,

we have just completed a major systems upgrade on the server. Things should go a lot smoother from now on and everyone should experience much better gameplay in terms of performance and disconnects.

I’d like to ask everyone to try out everything they do in their daily/weekly server routines and please report back anything that you find. As usual, reporting a serious issue will grant players rewards. There’s still one heavy task in the update that is pending, but I wanted to roll out the upgrades gradually in case something goes terribly wrong.

I’ll be waiting for everyone’s input before proceeding, so please take some time to try out a few things.

Cya ingame with more updates to come soon 🙂