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    While for second bug you maybe be right (or maybe not, because you were using them in fact), for the second you play trickery again.

    1. Maybe you think that I know only dagger skills but SH (Midona) does have root skill?
    2. LVL 75 RB is low lvl RB?
    3. I’m talking about double slow bug ( which happens with 2 different slow skills which normally overwrite each other, but in some conditions they both apply), found and used by you and NOT ABOUT ROOT (spell howler and shilen elder are 2 very different hings)!
    4. You do not deny it, but try to change subject in very meaning less direction :).
    5. With this bug no one need to run nonstop from boss which increases the effective fire power with +50% for 3 total persons, +33% for 4, +20% for 5 and etc.

    If we are going to play FAIR lets do it 100%, shall we?
    You expected to report me and me to be silent about your own shit? Come on. Get real. Lets apply now your rules to yourself. Ok Baoulettes?

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    You didn’t use the “use forum, you idiot” indeed but used like all else (shorter version of last one). And what is this?

    Who said this?

    So, you first started irritating me when you were spamming me ingame about bugs, when I was specifically telling you that this is what the Forums’ Bug Section is for. You completely ignored anything I said to you, you just said your own thing. That would be reason enough for me to mute you, but I didn’t. I gave you another chance.

    and this

    Don’t try and justify what you did because it’s not a matter of right or wrong. Just understand that you got caught fucking up and just move on. You weren’t trying to help, because you never reported or PM’d me about that bug, you simply abused it.

    How many personality do you have? First don’t report me any bugs online. Then you are guilty that you didn’t reported it and just go forth. HAHAHAHAAHAHAH. You are really funny. And you said that I’m little kid while you get berserk just because 20-30 rows from some random person… Isn’t this more childish? You will ruin your health hurter if you continue like this. Take care. Use some pills or something. Take it easy. Life is not going to end tomorrow (probably).

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    First of I know that you are not so close with hyperion and you did banned him in past for like 3 days.
    Second in your last post there is a proof that you are making your own reality – show me where exactly I called you an idiot? Bring from ingame logs if you want to. You nonstop keep saying that I’m insulting you while it is the opposite.
    You maybe need a doctor?
    Poor you. I think now I kind of start to understand you. When I imagine that I think that anyone who says things which I do not want to hear, are actually insulting me – then my life really should be hard. But there are doctors, alchohol, drugs, suicide and etc things that can fix this. Don’t you think?

    And about this:
    “You made up a storyline in your head, in which your enemy is the evil silentz0r, and have lived by it ever since.”
    It is more likely you was seeing that evil AbandonAllHple who insults you all the time and everywhere, and have lived by it ever since.
    You said I abuse you or insult you just like in your post above which is different from reality.

    You first say to stop PM you in game and to use forum. And then say that I never PM you about this bug? Hahahahahaha. But you said to me to never do so. You forgot?
    And btw I do not justify myself. I’m guilty. And the point is to ban all else. In this way:
    1. Bugs will be never ever abused.
    2. No one will ever abuse/insult/trololol you in game (not even a chance. I guarantee)

    You maybe owner of this server/site and yes have power to ban, but that power is kind of limited if we look closely on it, don’t you think? (Life is not fair 🙂 )
    And why not post that 950 lines of fixes and “to do” list in separate threads so all can see that you are actually working on something? Positng a list is not hard. It is pretty normal for any application/project to have Changelog.

    in reply to: AWESOMNEZ #2418


    I was pretty sure that you will not get the point of my topic (because you are not stupid as you say for yourself) and which is generally the case with you. You are too smart to understand things coming from “low lifes” that anyway.

    But I have to say something first. I actually was expecting you to just delete my topic or to erase its content and etc and then I would behave differently, but seems you are more man than you look. Which I can comment. (I try to see good sides even in worst things).

    First of all I do not have something against your server not against your work up until now not against the work of that toolpunk shadow (behind scene) guy. I DO HAVE SOMETHING AGAINST YOUR PERSONAL ATTITUDE. Maybe you should read your own server rule number 1. And say to yourself from time to time that you may be GM, you are human – not a God. And on other side stays most likely human too. I actually wanted to play l2C3 just to remember old times end even planed to do it offline, but knew that setting up the server (l2j – heavy) (l2off – hard to modify) is too much of work and may not work correctly at the end. But then find your server, which almost empty does the same work. But while close to perfection it have some major bugs and flaws which are not so hard to be fixed I believe. And that why I started to message you at all. Our in game conversations are no more than TOTAL 3!
    And this is the last one started by me:

    Daily Ingame Shenanigans

    You still see here only flood of letters and things like that. I wont explain to you what actually is happening in this conversation because as how you say there at the end – you are sure that you are not stupid. So try find it out.

    But this also proves that I did try to do something against bugs long before I got banned as you said!

    Anyway you seems to live in your own different reality – making up the things which happens past as it is good for you.
    First of when I first started “irritating” you in game for first time it was not because I wanted something for my favor – it was against me because my main char was TH and i was talking about buggy criticals and about spiritshots. Then you really said me to use forum instead. And I did so!

    I did post this sugestion:

    Improvements/Balancing Of Knights and Other heavy Armor Fighters

    on which you replay just you do not like how my post do looks like and said:

    “After I’ve reviewed your post I’ll post some of my suggestions, as we do want to give tanks a boost in general but nothing that would be ground breaking.”

    And after that – nothing…
    Seems my post was never reviewed.

    Then I post buggy/nonworking important skill:

    Aegis passive skill is not working

    On which you replay:
    “I’ll have to look into this more, however I’m not sure current functionality can be improved any further.”
    Its current functionality is 0 and that means you do not care at all even to to figure out what is going on.

    And my last conversation in game was just because you do not really care about posts. After I saw that you do not care in pm too then I decide just to do as all else. There are bugs yes. But they are for now part of the game since no one really want to fix them. And btw I did not trigger any bug. It was you who triggered the bug. My fault was that I killed in fair fight npc which was at low hp already. I did not lower its hp by cheat or something – it was you gm who did that.

    And you are a bit wrong about some things:
    Free to play games do have Eula licenses. You can read them in NCSoft website. Where you can find that running l2 EMULATOR and providing platform this game to be played on other servers than legal is illegal too.

    When you say you are not using stolen code you maybe mean that you are running l2j server which can explain the lags in sieges let say. But l2j servers are not created from nothing – they are creating from reversing the original server, which is illegal too. And modification of the client is is done from your own software which connects to your own website.
    And you do gain some profit by selling ingame items for real money which you call donations. But this items donations are pretty balanced I must admit compared to other servers I have heard.

    Ok the reality is that because of low population of your server NCSoft wont care much. And I actually do not really need to go against your server – I wont gain anything anyway. But here again comes your attitude. You love to play innocent saint, don’t you? If they start actions against you even if you are right they will win! Because you just wont be able to afford to go to the very end and will have to surrender. Thats how it works. Rich bastards have really no mercy :). Well if you are super rich maybe then you have chance but then the law can be applied and I’m not sure if you can win even then. Even running to mama and papa wont help you then :). Even using copyright protected name can be enough :).

    Btw I’m
    1. something else
    2. something else
    3. programmer
    4. something else
    5. gamer
    So I kind of understand the creators of the game.

    I really wanted to help you and thats why try to message no more than 3 times (which you cal constant harassment).
    And your replays pretty much was like
    Silentz0r: stop pm me
    Silentz0r: use forum, you idiot
    Silentz0r: how dare you make me to repeat myself?
    Silentz0r: you worthless low life scum
    Silentz0r: if you continue I will mute/kick/ban you from both game and real life!


    (Well maybe I overdid it a little bit, but just a little)

    So I just started to play just like all else. With bugs. If some uses bugs it is not fair, but if all uses bugs it is fair – don’t you think. If rules are the same for all it is fair. And since you does not care much about bugs nor try much to fix them or announce them to warn others to stay away from them, they become part of game. And in the end I got like the only one not allowed to use bugs which unlike most other I do not even trigger to appear. Nice. You made me your enemy.
    I was trying to help only. I do hate bugs and bug users too, but as i already says if rules apply to all equally even with bugs is fair. It is not fair all else to use bugs except me right?

    Btw i really wanted you to ban me. First it was to switch servers to try something which i have found later after started here. But now I’m really tired from playing.

    in reply to: Aegis passive skill is not working #2254

    Btw this is very important skill for elf and dark elf knights because of their very low hp and smaller total physical stats compared to human knights.

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