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    Hey everyone, just sharing some of the randomness I receive from people in-game. I’ve told this guy not to PM me in-game about bugs (or suggestions) approximately 18 times, and have asked him each and every time to post on the forums. Today, the stupidity hit an all time low.


    AbandonAllHple : Gm ar eyou here?
    AbandonAllHple : you here?
    AbandonAllHple : I have to tell you something important
    ->AbandonAllHple : What's up? I'm semi afk sorry
    AbandonAllHple : np
    AbandonAllHple : I kind of figured finaly what is the problem of this server
    AbandonAllHple : the problem of all warriors
    AbandonAllHple : and all tanks
    AbandonAllHple : and all phisical skills
    AbandonAllHple : and that is in the parameters of the mobs
    AbandonAllHple : too high physical deffence
    AbandonAllHple : and too high physical atack
    AbandonAllHple : tanks can not tank because atack is too high
    AbandonAllHple : tanks, warriors, and anything that does not elay on critical hits suffer because they have hard time killing
    AbandonAllHple : the only weak spot of mobs is lower magical defence
    AbandonAllHple : so mages all the way
    AbandonAllHple : decrease drasticly p atack and pdef of the mobs and you will boost tanks, warriors and anything that does
    AbandonAllHple : physical dmg
    ->AbandonAllHple : yeah, but this way daggers will also thrive
    AbandonAllHple : decreasing p atack is boost for tanks moslty because they need time to kill somehting and they take alot
    AbandonAllHple : of damege as it is now
    AbandonAllHple : dagger skills do suffer alot now
    AbandonAllHple : the only damage they get is from critical power
    ->AbandonAllHple : Nobody complained about the farming ability of tanks back in the day, so I'm pretty sure people just got used to
    AbandonAllHple : anything behind power of skill is ingored
    ->AbandonAllHple : all the new features in later chronicles, and forgot the way the game was
    AbandonAllHple : I have played C3
    AbandonAllHple : there were no GM shop
    AbandonAllHple : nor ecnhanting
    ->AbandonAllHple : If you fully buff a Tank it can farm just fine, plus we've fixed vampiric rage which was never added in old servers
    AbandonAllHple : C grade all the way
    AbandonAllHple : even with top here I have hard time
    AbandonAllHple : fyllu buff....
    ->AbandonAllHple : Exactly my point, people used to farm on the same stats with C grade gear
    AbandonAllHple : and put dagger yes
    AbandonAllHple : there wer eposible to farm with tank without buffs with C rade at high lvl
    ->AbandonAllHple : Anyway, looking into tanks is on my list so don't worry about that
    AbandonAllHple : with shilen knight even with buffs i can not survive more than 5 mobs at me
    AbandonAllHple : my lvl
    AbandonAllHple : if i activate ultimat defence at low hp this wont save me
    AbandonAllHple : they do 30 dmg per hit under UD
    ->AbandonAllHple : Are you the same guy that posted on the forums?
    AbandonAllHple : 5x30 = 150 and very fast
    AbandonAllHple : can not heal that fast
    AbandonAllHple : yes the same
    ->AbandonAllHple : I told you on the forums as well, post the bug and let us worry about the solution
    AbandonAllHple : mages go in catacombs and shot 2-3 skills and kill mob
    ->AbandonAllHple : And you're still ignoring my request of NOT telling me about bugs ingame :/
    AbandonAllHple : This is not a bug
    AbandonAllHple : this are settings
    ->AbandonAllHple : These are actually balancing suggestions of yours
    AbandonAllHple : your settings
    ->AbandonAllHple : And there's a whole category on the forums
    ->AbandonAllHple : Because when I log out of the game, your suggestions are gone
    ->AbandonAllHple : But if you post on the forums I can read them more than once
    AbandonAllHple : this are 2 simple things
    ->AbandonAllHple : So, for the last time please start using the forums for both suggestions and bugs
    AbandonAllHple : lower the damage and lower the deffence
    AbandonAllHple : is that so hard to remember?
    ->AbandonAllHple : Do you even listen to what I'm telling you or do you just ignore what I say?
    AbandonAllHple : I tould you already
    AbandonAllHple : I wont post anything on the forum already
    AbandonAllHple : you forgot?
    ->AbandonAllHple : Yes I forgot. Post on the forum that you won't post anything
    ->AbandonAllHple : So that I can remember
    AbandonAllHple : and you also forgot that I care less than you
    ->AbandonAllHple : I've asked you more than 10 times to use the forums about those things
    AbandonAllHple : no postin anymore
    ->AbandonAllHple : Because I can't keep track of everything through ingame chat, but you won't listen
    AbandonAllHple : you replay nothing on the my posts anyway
    AbandonAllHple : your replays were menaingless
    AbandonAllHple : I se eyou have no desire to do any bug fix
    ->AbandonAllHple : I'm sorry you didn't like my replies, but a guy called "menski" replied to your thread and made it much easier to read
    ->AbandonAllHple : So now it's actually a lot easier to follow
    AbandonAllHple : ok will check it
    ->AbandonAllHple : I gave you guideliness on how to post suggestions/bugs and you got mad
    ->AbandonAllHple : And now you keep fucking spamming me ingame after I told you not to
    AbandonAllHple : ban me then
    ->AbandonAllHple : It's great that you care about making this server nicer
    ->AbandonAllHple : But you won't listen to anything, and that's really annoying
    AbandonAllHple : this is even easier than changing settings
    ->AbandonAllHple : You think just because someone said ingame I'm gonna change everything?
    AbandonAllHple : i dont care
    ->AbandonAllHple : Or do you expect me to remember a week from now?
    AbandonAllHple : you will remember
    ->AbandonAllHple : I specifically told you how things work here. And you ignored both my requests and got mad
    AbandonAllHple : someone else will remind you
    AbandonAllHple : I'm talking about your replay about aegis bug
    ->AbandonAllHple : Why are you such an idiot? Why can't you listen?
    AbandonAllHple : not about the replay of my long post
    AbandonAllHple : I wonder who is the idiot
    AbandonAllHple : maybe the one who can not remmeber 2 things?
    ->AbandonAllHple : Okay, how many times did I ask you to post on the forums? How many times did you listen?
    AbandonAllHple : and how many times I tould you I WILL NOT POST ANYTHING
    ->AbandonAllHple : Well, some random tells me 2 things, of course I will forget them. UNLESS HE WRITES THEM ON THE FORUMS
    AbandonAllHple : ANYMORE
    AbandonAllHple : .
    ->AbandonAllHple : Well stop fucking PMing me about stuff then. Is it that hard?
    ->AbandonAllHple : If you don't care enough to post, why do you care to PM me? Do you want attention?
    ->AbandonAllHple : What the fuck do you want from me
    AbandonAllHple : stop pming me
    AbandonAllHple : its annoying
    ->AbandonAllHple : Are you retarded?
    ->AbandonAllHple : How can you keep telling me you don't care, and then spam me ingame? You really have to be mentally challenged.

    After my last 2 messages the guy walked around in Giran for 2 minutes and did not respond. What. The. Fuck. I’m either stupid, or he’s stupid. And I’m fairly certain I’m not stupid. I’ll actually post most of our in-game exchanges so everyone can see what I have to suffer through daily.


    no i will tell you the problem with this server…silentz0r has smelly feet and refuses to wash them…

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