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    I got some Ideas about this to make knights and warriors more useful and fun to play with, and also good in pvp.

    * First the casting time of all magic skills of knights is too slow both for pvp and even for pve.
    I suggest Heavy Armor Mastery passive skill of knights to give casting speed bonus pretty much like Human Prophet heavy armor mastery passive. This I think is the shortest way to generally change this instead of changing casting time of each magic. I think casting speed bonus about 33 – 50% is good. Let say to be 50% in beginning and could be reduced later if it is OP. Come to think of there are light armor chars who have magic too and I’m pretty much they have the same problem – dark elf and elf rogue class. And they should have the same bonus to make those MAGIC skills useful.

    * Heavy Armor To Have reduction of dmg from light weapons such as daggers and arrows like in C5 (and in real life).
    The largest problem here is not the normal dmg but critical dmg. In one test with Shilen Knight vs Treasure hunter (full buffed) He was doing 800 dmg to me from normal hits from criticals and 1400 dmg from skills. When I activate Ultimat Defense Skill I Had pdef above 4000! And on that TH was still able to do 380+ dmg from criticals from normal hits very fast. HE WAS ABLE TO KILL A KNIGHT WHO IS UNDER ULTIMAT DEFFENSE IN ABOUT 1-2 SECONDS! That is really OP and makes no options for knights to win. The heavy armor should be able to stand damage – thats the point of using it, but it is currently not. GM said that he can add extra pdef against daggers and let say bows (vs bow need test tough), But Considering that even Ultimat Defense was of no help I think I must check to see how deflect arrow buff is working and if it reduces arrow dmg by percent to be used something like that as passive skill maybe to reduce big damages by % or something like that. In C5 heavy armor gives resistance to light weapons but this is impossible to be done in C3 – GM said. So other variants should be invented here.

    * The Passive Weapon mastery skill of Knights And Dark Elf rogues and maybe elf rogues to give also m attack as it gives p attack when wearing the right weapon. Pretty much like Weapon mastery passive but for specific weapons only.

    In this way they will have some more powerful/useful magic skills – worth to be used in both pve and pvp. Currently those skills are more or less waste of time in combat. This also will increase the success rate of their debuff skills.

    * I see that shield perfect block is implemented here in C3, which is awesome. But it have very very very low chance to appear among successful shield defenses. I suggest the rate of this to be higher like 33% chance of successful shield defense to be perfect block. If that is too much then can be reduced later. Not all hits are blocked after all – this should be noted too. Here i got some idea against balancing vs daggers and arrows – if this perfect block rate can be higher vs those weapons – here is one way for balancing.

    * Dark Panther of Dark Avenger and Summoned attack cubics (storm cubic, vampiric cubic and others) to do double dmg (or to have double magic power for cubics). If they can not use shots then that is exactly what shots do right? Also Life Cubic of Temple knight activates very rarely and heals him with small amount of hp. I think it should activate very often and heals him noticable (have been playing on servers where it works like that and it was even using shots there). Temple Knight does not have attack skill and the healing is his only weapon. Currently it is totally useless… The rate of activation of attack cubic may also increase which will help allot with attack power of this otherwise slowly leveling characters.

    * Sting skill of dark elf knight (BD and SK) to have more decent power instead of doing lower dmg than normal hit…
    In this way those 2 will have 1 useful physical attack skill with useful power.

    here are some more customizing ideas

    * Knights Should have also Hp Boost and Hp regeneration passive skills (maybe lower max lvl than warriors).
    Come on… Even Mages have those… Knights have high defense and average to low hp. They will die easy even by very low dmg when they are at low hp because of their very very very slow and small hp regen rate. Meaning Even ultimat defense is not helping them – their hp continues to fall down often even if healing potion is used…

    * All Knights to have Hammer Crush skill as well. In this way using blunt weapons by knights will be stimulated and will give different strategies to play with. Dark avenger and Paladin will have 2 good stun skills which will make them more attractive and useful than now. And Temple Knight will have at least 1 attack skill…

    I have seen in other C3 server very customized many characters to have critical power and attack speed passive skills.
    That may be very useful to gladiators knights, dancers, singers – to be useful in actual battle.

    Also Dark elf and elf rogues are by my view kind of crippled compared to human dagger for example. They lack 2 very important passive skills.
    Dark Elf – critical chance and attack speed passives.
    Elf – critical power and attack speed passives.
    I wonder how they will be if they had those. Currently Treasure Hunter is all the way because ot higer lvl he have more total stats than any of elf rogues. Elf will have more critical chance only and dark elf will not have anything more from crit chance, crit power, attack speed.

    Also dwarf chars need some thing to boost them, maybe some orc warrior skills or dagger skills – those who play with dwarf to say. they can be useful too. Maybe combination from knight and warrior? Some defensive + some offensive skills?


    Before answering to your specific points, a few words of wisdom:

    1. Keep your posts small. You don’t want people to have to read a book to understand your point.
    2. Don’t worry about balancing. Make your point, don’t try to solve the problem. That’s why you’re making the topic in the first place, for us to resolve this.
    3. Make separate threads for separate suggestions. Don’t add everything in a single long thread.

    After I’ve reviewed your post I’ll post some of my suggestions, as we do want to give tanks a boost in general but nothing that would be ground breaking.

    john doe

    I think what he was trying to say is:

    1) Physical damage lays too hard on heavy armors, especially crits because they basically ignore your pdef.
    (Example: In Ultimate defence you receive high crit dmg from mobs)

    2) TK/SK/DA gonna end up being dead classes if they dont get checked by you and if needed boosted in any way you find fair and appropriate.

    3) AW should do more crit dmg, while PW should be faster and have more crit chance, compared to TH.

    I haven’t checked all that myself tho but could you please re-check those three when you have free time 🙂

    Thanks in advance

    we do want to give tanks a boost in general but nothing that would be ground breaking.

    Good news 😀

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