Donations and BETA Rewards!

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been online much lately, I am super busy with moving to a new city and University. However, the BETA reward list is live, so PM me ingame for your reward (Make sure you PM me from the same account as your forum account so I can see that you submitted bugs/were part of the BETA). Every BETA tester will receive 20 Event Medals, which you can exchange at Merchant of Mammon!

Now, also some quite big news – at least for us: Donations are now open too, so feel free to make any donation to help us support the server! Remember, this is a side project for us, and we are paying monthly for the physical server and website, while also working for free! So any donation is really helpful.

While donating, make sure you enter the Character Name in the requested field. After you donate, you should wait for an Admin to come online and deal with your donation.

If you forget to provide a Character Name, you will need to send an email to with the following information:

PayPal Transaction ID (this will be emailed to you after you successfully Donate)
Name on PayPal (first and last name as it appears on your PayPal account)
Character Name (The name of the Character who will receive the Donation reward)

You will usually need to wait a little while before an Admin comes online and deals with your donation.

Thank you for supporting our server, and see you online!

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