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We would like to hear your thoughts. Is there anything you would like to see in-game? Any events you are looking forward to? Do you miss something from the old days? Let us know in the comments below or in the suggestions forum and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

We have a steady influx of new people at the moment, but of course we cannot grow a big user base over night. It is going to take a while. However this does not mean you guys need to sit it out and be doomed to hunt keltirs meanwhile. We want this to be fun for you as much as it is for us.

We you.

  • My suggestion would be a custom hunting zone for players level 74 and on. The mobs should be maybe as hard as in catacombs but with some kind of “mini boss” mobs around as well. Am not saying something beyond hard to kill but something with great amount of HP and a bit better defense (talked a bit about this with silentz0r already). If for example you take Elven Fortress and make it a custom zone, 2 or 3 rooms should have this mini boss in, the rest some cool looking, harder to kill mobs. Drops should be something special too. Maybe some kind of items that can be exchanged to Event Medals or something similar that makes it worth hunting in there. That is however just a general idea and something I know, I would like. Up to you guys in the end of course. 🙂 And by the way – thanks for caring! <3

  • It is not the high level that I am worried about. I was 77 and de-leveled to 74 cause everything was just dark blue for me. Couldn’t help with spoiling, couldn’t level others cause I ate away all the exp and basically I am just bored with where I am at the moment. I am 74, I was 77 and no matter the level I am just stuck in the moment. So if you are worried about hard work, let me tell you *I* did ALL the hard work there was to be done. All that is left for me is helping others (if and when they are online) or sitting in Giran fully equipped, feeling sorry for myself. A custom zones like the one I mentioned would make my days much nicer … actually it would just make my days in L2 altogether, cause at the moment – there is nothing for me to do.

  • Also we are talking about the old L2eXtreme. And L2x had some costum zones, such as Giants cave and Elven Fortress. Just some stuff to make sure on those. Add undeads, check out passives of the mobs (dont add mobs with magic defense only or mobs with resist archery only, make it a mix out of different Mobclasses) And real work for the hard level… well its not a lowrate server so far and with a clanhall its easy to exp anyway. And still, you can not go to level 80. Because it would mean you “outside” yourself from every party because there are no mobs for you to hunt with others. I just dont know about the Event Medal thing. Since we can get Safe enchants from those Medals, it would mean that over time people gain OE S Weapons without the possibility to fail or break them. Sealstones, Adding good Spoils for every kind of mat (but not too much, just dont let level 80 Spoilers get useless)

  • Safe enchants, as the item description says, only work up to +15. So no, you are wrong on over enchanting.

    Event medals are also used to complete the hero recipe, and the rewards are decent.

    As far as the custom area goes, we will probably have Giant’s Cave as a custom area, just like L2x did, with the rest of the C3 mobs but they will be a lot harder, just like L2x did. This area will most probably also have spoils and nice drops, as well as one or two mini/regular raids, just like L2x did :p

    De-leveling was also part of playing in a mid-high rate server such as L2x, so you need to decide whether you want to be higher level and have a stats advantage on PvP, or be lower level and be able to farm properly/boost friends. There shouldn’t be an “ultimate” state for a player.

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