Thursday Newsflash! (List of new features)

Hey everyone,

people who have been around a long time might remember our “Friday Newsflashes” back in 2009, where we would post the past week’s news and events that took place. This is the first version of our 2013/14 Newsflashes, which won’t be set on a standard basis but will be coming rather randomly for now.
It’s been a long time since I gave some status updates on features and fixes added on the server, so here is a list of some of the features we worked on and added recently (I suggest everyone reads this):

  • Giran Clan Halls have been finally added, you can find them on the 2nd or 3rd page of the Auctioneer. Auctioneer NPC also added in Giran. All Clan Hall Doors are now working properly and each Hall must have a Buffer by now.
  • Mass exchange all mantras/runes feature added (finally), so you can go ahead and select to trade all your water/wind/fire mantra, or even select to trade all your stones for Ancient Adena. Tested and confirmed that it works.
  • Created a De-leveling NPC which I am a bit skeptic about, as it may be abused (it is not spawned anywhere yet).
  • Raids are now spawned and waiting for high level parties to slay them. They have a high respawn time and also announce server-wide when they are slain, and what items they drop:
    Baium : TOI 14th Floor
    Antharas : Lair of Antharas (quest item needed)
    Lilith : Secret Boss Chamber (Disciples Necropolis)
    Anakim : Secret Boss Chamber #2 (Disciples Necropolis)
    All raids drop (some of) the following: Adena, S grade armors, S grade weapons, Titanium Set parts (all parts), Dusk Weapons, Raid Jewels, lots of Scrolls (Blessed SoE, Enchant Scrolls, etc.), Seal of Hero (Hero Item) etc.
  • All 6 Castles have their Siege dates set, so any clan interested in joining a siege can register. All sieges are operational and are taking place on alternating Saturdays/Sundays. Read the siege post found here
  • Clan Privileges are now working, and can be assigned from Zashida (L2OldSkool NPC). Your clan members need to be standing next to you and you need to select the appropriate option from Zashida while you target them (click on them). Clan Skills are also added but disabled for now, as we want to re-work and re-think that system before publishing it.
  • As Hero skills are almost done, Hero Recipe is also finalised so players can start crafting it. It requires an event token (among other materials) which can be obtained by major events that we’ll be having very soon. It can be completed only once per character, and the player receives a Hero Summon and two Hero Items, which can be exchanged for a Hero Weapon and Hero Necklace. The Hero Weapon must be enchanted instantly with the provided blessed scroll of enchantment, otherwise it will be set to +0
  • Several skills, items and Geodata fixes.
  • All summons are fixed (Dark Avenger, Elemental Summoner etc.) to their C3 standards.
  • Auto-restarter scripts extended so that they read errors from the server and automatically restart it if needed (mainly restarting if the no-SS no-skills no-items bug takes place).

If I forgot anything, I will update this post.
Please let us know what you think about these changes.

See you all ingame,

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