Server Update 23/06/2020

Hey everyone,

An update has been applied to the server. Here’s the changelog:

  • Orfen has been added
    • New raid boss Orfen has been added to the server
    • Stats, minion stats and drops have been adjusted to comply with our server
  • Clan Hall Teleports
    • Added Teleport to TOI 11th floor for all Clan Halls
    • Added several other teleports to Clan Halls (for future use)
  • Raid epic jewel drop changes (thanks Alkien)
    • All raid epic jewels have been adjusted in two 2 groups (high and low), with the following drops:
    • Antharas: Antharas Earring (H), Valakas Necklace (L)
    • Baium: Baium Ring (H), Valakas Necklace (L)
    • Lilith: Queen Ant Ring/ Core Ring (H), Orfen Earring / Zaken Earring (L)
    • Anakim: Queen Ant Ring/ Core Ring (H), Orfen Earring / Zaken Earring (L)
    • Orfen: Orfen Earring (H), Queen Ant Ring (L)
    • as more raids will be added soon, their drops will also contain the raid boss’ main epic jewel as well as another jewel from another boss
  • Raid fixes
    • Raid bosses will now “flag” players who try to heal/buff them, as all other mobs do.

More to come soon,
See you ingame

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