Suggestions & Feedback

Hey everyone,

it’s time to listen to the community. We are looking for ways to improve gameplay for everyone, and in order to do that we need your ideas and thoughts on the server. Come join us on the forums, where I’ve created a thread for everyone to post their ideas and suggestions and/or improvements. Join the discussion here:

Hope to hear some great ideas!

[COMPLETED] Server Maintenance (24/6/2016)

Hey everyone,

there seems to be a power outage on our server. I will update this post with further information.

Once the server comes back online I also plan on doing some routine maintenance.

UPDATE: It seems like we’ll have a bit more downtime, currently still unknown how long.

UPDATE #2: The server will be back online in approximately 2-4 hours.

UPDATE #3: The server is back online, see you ingame!


Christmas Spirit No More!

Hello everyone,

with the new year settling in, the Christmas trees will be removed from Giran after the next server restart. So, happy new year to everyone, may this year bring us more armors, weapons, skills, events, quests, new zones, new features and new people! Maybe some of those are coming sooner than later 😉

See you all ingame,