Major Systems Update

Hey everyone,

we have just completed a major systems upgrade on the server. Things should go a lot smoother from now on and everyone should experience much better gameplay in terms of performance and disconnects.

I’d like to ask everyone to try out everything they do in their daily/weekly server routines and please report back anything that you find. As usual, reporting a serious issue will grant players rewards. There’s still one heavy task in the update that is pending, but I wanted to roll out the upgrades gradually in case something goes terribly wrong.

I’ll be waiting for everyone’s input before proceeding, so please take some time to try out a few things.

Cya ingame with more updates to come soon 🙂

Server & Patch Update (20/07/2018)

Greetings everyone,

today we have released a new update on the server that adds the Block EXP/SP feature. Block EXP/SP is a potion that once used adds a debuff on your character, which disables all EXP/SP gain until you die or until the debuff is removed. Once removed, your will be able to gain EXP/SP just as normal.

The purpose of the debuff is to be able to hunt mobs with spoilers without having to gain too many levels and having to delevel, or hunting repetitively for the same drops with your main character. The debuff only blocks EXP/SP gain, so if you die you will lose 4% of your total experience. Also, if you are in a party and a lot of people have the same debuff then each of them will not receive their EXP, however that EXP is not distributed back to the party – it is simply lost.

The debuff can be removed by dying, by using Greater Antidote or by getting Vitalized (level 27 – max level).

You can find the Block EXP/SP Potion on the Merchant of Mammon, it is currently sold for 10,000,000 Adena.

More to come soon, see you ingame!