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Hey everyone,

We have noticed a lot of new players coming in the server, but they have trouble meeting with other players and feel like they are alone. In the past two months we’ve had more than 300 new users, yet the online count is still the same. This is why we have Elven Village the default starting point for all classes (for now), so that new players will get to meet each other and maybe hunt around together a bit. This will not be permanent, it is just a measure to get our members to meet each other! (Click “Continue Reading” below to vote for buffs)

On another note, many people have asked for dance & song times to be increased. We do not like this idea, as it is against our whole idea for the server (based on old L2x), but we will make a poll to see what all of our users think. We believe that Prophet, Blade Dancer, Sword Singer, Warcryer and Overlord should be playable classes and not just buff bots. Which means, people should actively want them in their parties to actively support with buffs. Having said that, please vote on our poll (it will stay up for about a month so every users gets a chance to vote):

[poll id=3]

The main discussion thread is this one, so go ahead and post your opinions in the thread! The poll has been appended to the Original Post. Hope to hear some nice feedback!


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