Last days of BETA & Server going Live

Hey everyone,

First of all, this is an important post so please click “Continue reading” at the bottom!

We are finally in the last few days of BETA! Most of the bugs we wanted to fix have been dealt with, and with our new registration page up we are ready to launch for good. During these last few days (maybe 2 or 3 days at most) we might have a PvP/Raid event, giving out levels/gear to the people joining us. I want to thank all the BETA testers who joined us and submitted bugs through this stage, and even though there is going to be a wipe BETA testers will receive gifts when we go live (you will just contact a GM ingame by typing /gmlist).

As you can see, we have a new registration page which you can use to create a game account, if you don’t have one already, or use the same page to update your game account’s password. Please note that your game account is tied to your forum account, therefore the limit is 1 account per forum user.

Once the server is Live, it will hopefully stay this way for a long time, and this doesn’t mean that we will stop fixing/balancing things, it just means that your chars will be safe 🙂 The server has been very stable after our last bug fix, and (hopefully) it will stay that way. We will be fixing raids (Baium, Lilith and Anakim for now) in the next few days, as well as some last minor bugs. The server will probably go Live on Wednesday 4/9, but stick around for more news.

Make sure you update your always keep your client updated. Hope to see most of you online these last few days, I promise they will be fun 🙂

Stick around, and you can always find us on the forums.

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