Happy New Year wishes & News!

Hello everyone, Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a blast during the holidays. As you may have seen in the past there was a lot of requests for higher buff times. We made a poll to leave it up to the community, and finally the results are the following:

Yes: 78% (43 Votes)
No: 22% (12 Votes)

It seems pretty clear that most of you would like to see higher buff times. Therefore after the next restart Dances and Songs will also last 30 minutes. This is not permanent, however, so people who voted “No” shouldn’t worry too much.

On another topic, I was planning on working on fixing Raids and low level Catacombs, however (as you may have heard) I had an accident and broke my arm in half and I’m slowly recovering from the surgery. With that being said, I plan on finishing both in the following days.

Sieges are now activated, you can find the siege dates under the Tutorials & Guides section to check what time each siege is happening, so feel free to register your clan for an upcoming siege!

Finally, the server will be offline for approximately 2 hours (until 15:00 GMT) in order to update and maintain our software starting right now.

That’s all for now, see you all ingame,

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