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“Full drops are ruining the server, they are ruining my life! Help! Help! You should all farm for S grade for months! You cannot have Akat Long Bow dropped (cos it sells for 2kk adena = 8 mobs killed in DVC Three-Way) that often! You will not get S! No! No … You shall not pass! I on the other hand want my full Titanium back cos I donated! I donated 3 years ago! It was over 200 euros! I did and it was!”

Admin and/or GMs are totally free to delete this post or do whatever you want with it, but I *AM* sorry – it is just as much as a person can be arrogant before making a fool of himself. And someone just passed that line. Less being angry with what we think/say and more anger management sessions, please!

We (most of us anyways) are here only to play some Lineage II, I swear, we are! 🙁

It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.