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How can we be half times of the beta? We need to check every class to its endlevel, all skills, balanced betweens classes. checking stats with top equip, checking epic raids etc etc etc…

And sorry, in my eyes dropping while farming against mobs is just against the ideal of Lineage 2. That was actually changed for a good reason on C4. Dropping by dying against Mobs were removed. Its just the biggest SHIT to be afraid of dying while farming, why should that be good for any reason at all? You now say its fine, but i wanna see you losing a Baium Ring because of an serverlag which causes your death and someone else picking it up. What is the matter of farming for weeks when 1 simple serverlag could cost you all that efford?

And again, its not about the lowlevel drops that we need to take care of, but if Raids or any Highmobs got the same problem, dropping stuff twice every time? It needs to get checked and solved. Its the Beta right? So whats the deal to say to every second bug we found “Its no big deal”. IT IS A BIG DEAL. That is what the beta was made for. finding bugs/non correct working stuff, solve it and go on. Prob for the Beta its not that bad, but what use does all that costum stuff have if you can gain enough adena within a hand of days to get yourself S-Grade? People will run out of motivation sooner or later, so keep it hard as f*ck. That means also to fix the Fulldrops.