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@ Rinem : no, if it’s anything like retail was, you only have a chance to drop stuff when you die to mobs, not in PvP (as long as you don’t have karma of course).

Yet another oddity I found, in front of dvc, there’s one Bloody Queen that gives double xp. She dies just as fast as the other ones, not sure what’s up with that.

The Tallum*Damascus (top A) duals are missing, is it on purpose ?


Thats basacly right. Now imagine (We are on a freeshard) A Sps against a Tyrant, which both are in a clanwar (i use Sps, i could also say Sorcerer, since he can cancel too, no offence to this clas, this is just one theory, like Stunning a farming player) The Sps is canceling the Tyrant (he dont needs to be flagged, its a clanwar) so those mobs killing him because he lost all of his buffs and drops his gear infront of that clanwared sps, what you belive will happen? And NO, im not afraid of my Donated gear, that have nothing to do with it. Its just that the Official Servers after C3 decided to change it. So only Karmared people can drop, no more dropping by Mobs. Once again i dropped my starting equip when i died by the first mob. That means my char (because it was deep inside a dungeon) was useless, i didnt even had enough money to rebuy a starting equip (xD) Its just against the “Lineage 2” rule that friendly people can drop their stuff too. If i just recalculate that i dropped 4 out of 4 times some of my equip here while playing different chars, im afraid what a Red guy will drop. Never tested it. I just mean, people should drop because they die while farming. “No refound of disapeared items” Thats what the Donation rules says. What happens, once the server laggs, im dying because of it deep inside LoA, dropping my +10 Bow and the Server crashes. A Player that kills others and getting Red knows whats he doing. Gaining Karma over Karma and dying and dropping Stuff is totaly his fault. But dying on a Freeshardmachine, which is laggy 50 times more than official machines (No offense Silent or Tool) and dropping Stuff is just totaly Demotivating. It could happen to everyone of us.