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    My antivirus software has dedected vista7.dll as a trojen horse and deleted it. It says Backdoor.Graybird is a back door Trojan Horse that gives its creator unauthorized access to your computer. The existence of the file, Svch0st.exe, is an indication of a possible infection. Backdoor.Graybird is a Delphi application.


    Hi, we’ve had this issue in the past.

    We haven’t created vista7.dll, so we can’t know for sure that it is not a trojan. With that said, vista7.dll is a “hack” in order to get C3 working in Windows Vista/7/8, as the game was originally only developed for WinXP.

    Hope this helps.


    Thank you Sir but i can not recover that dll file. Even i disable my antivirus and redownload the dll, something deletes that vista7.dll immediately. May be some windows services delete it? Does any one has any iadea to solve that problem?

    thank you


    I have just solved the problem! I excluded the l2 folder being scanned.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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