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    As maaaaany said Tanks are cheap , healer are useless, bd/sws/buffer can be boxed.
    Here severals idea to bring all these classes some interrest!

    Dark Avenger
    Actually his Panther is a crap !
    A good thing would be to boost it or remove it’s exp suck.
    30% that way too much, yeah that intended to be like that in C3 but on this class it was intended to have better Def when low life ^^

    giving him a bit better Heal power & def like any other tanks would be really great πŸ™‚

    Shilien Knight
    That one should have his passive skill to be reworked else I am not high enough to tell much about it ^^

    Elven Knight
    Maybe a better Aggro power & MP boost while having a slighty better Mdef to make it a great Magical tank πŸ™‚

    “Support Class”

    What the matters to play this class at the moment? that cheap class let’s admit it.
    No one play it cause mobs are way too powerfull (trust they do are like 2 time stronger in all stat so a prophet can’t even solo at any place.)
    A several stat boost like pdef/patk/atk spd/eva would be more than appreciated.
    Don’t come with the “That how PP should be” or “They always been boxed”
    Cause I seen and played with actif PP in C3 and that not how they are ^^
    They had several good power to solo or even assist you πŸ™‚

    Shilien Elder
    From my low level one I can’t solo anymore (forget to say I have dual C +17.)
    same as pp in term of boost and here you go you ajusted this class to solo like they should.
    Also if you really want you could make that these boost doesn’t work in pvp so it is not unbalancing the actual balance.

    Elven Elder.
    Well as an EE fan I always liked the fact to be able to buff a bit, heal a bit and recharge a bit.
    This class might require only a little bit change like bit more cast, magic critical rate as well as bit more mp.
    Else Undead are well present in game already when you know where to look.

    Bishop :
    Never really played it.
    I guess as tank have low def they would require more heal.
    So maybe giving a little boost in heal power? but yet that just guessing I never played that class.

    Blade Dancer :
    Actually I never know Why the crap they didn’t have full heavy mastery.
    that an huge mistake and here with incredible hight patk mobs they should have Heavy mastery the same way a Gladiator have it !
    Why something hit less got less pdef ?!
    That would fix all the crap on this class.

    Sword Singer :
    Same as Blade Dance that a shame that class never fully level Heavy mastery.
    Applying the same as any other fighter would be a great way to bring the shit to this class.
    OH yeah try to solo with self buff and clan hall buff in necro.
    And try the same with Any other fighter. (yeah even a tiny spoiler !!!)
    You will see how hard it is.

    Now that I spoken about classes.
    What about our Bosses ?
    That actually not normal that we can Slow a boss.
    A simple fix would be to
    put down a bit their Patk to be tankable.
    Increase by 19999999% their slow / sleep / root / fear resist.
    It would bring the basic Lineage II gameplay since C1.
    I mean Tanks & Healers !

    About both Lilith/Anakim/Baium
    They should cast their skill more often but WAY more slower like 100x slower (no joke)
    Like Baium should take up to 10 second to do his Thunderbolt strike.
    Anakim / Lilith should have an matk boost on their skills and take up to 7 ~ 8 secondes to actually fully cast.
    Yeah I checked these value.
    I used to farm Anakim / Lilith and Baium you can check any Bartz video on youtube from C3+ <GOD

    Who agree with that?
    Actually seeing peoples comment on that would be really nice !

    Now comment as you wish that just my own ideas πŸ™‚

    Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !


    Haven’t had a chance to reply to this, but I agree with a lot said in here. Raids kind of need to get reworked (if not current raids, the new ones). Tanks, healers & buffers also need boosts to be playable.


    What the strange thing with all monsters in server??? Why the hell they hit like Raid BOSSes? Very Strong Patk/AtkSpeed!??? It’s impossible to fight withΒ  them in mellee=for example 200-250 dmg to heavy set +4-5 enchanted and 500-600 their crits, and 1k+dmg to robe!!! I cant even imagine how Raid Boss will hit! 30sek death from 1 single mob and if you aggro 2-3 mobs your dead 100%((( It’s abnormal game mechanics(((


    Fomka it is what I have posted πŸ™‚
    Critical Formula isn’t correct that like it bypass the Shield and Def.
    As well as all mobs have a huge boost πŸ™‚

    Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !

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