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    At last, the long promised suggestions thread.

    Let’s hear what you guys think of the server’s current state, and what suggestions you would have to improve gameplay. Feel free to be as detailed as you’d like if you’ve thought about your idea, or just post a couple of words like the famous “nothing to do at high levels”. We can discuss interesting ideas.

    Before people suggest those, here’s a short list of things that are being currently worked on:

    1. Custom Hero System
    2. Custom high level farm Area (3+ people) with “smart” enemies
    3. New Armors / Weapons / Skills
    4. New (Unique) Pets
    5. Boost buffer classes (Shillen Elder / Elven Elder / Bladedancer / Swordsinger) to make them more useful in combat & raids
    6. Custom class (working on the idea)
    7. Rework Raid Bosses (immune to debuffs)
    8. Website SkillDex/ItemDex

    I’ve been doing a lot of background work on the server, mainly been working on making things easier to manage (including a test server). I’ll obviously keep working on that as I am not too satisfied with the outcome, but this is none of your concern 🙂

    You can give general feedback on anything you’d like. Maybe some big end-game idea (for high levels), maybe a simple change to a skill or item. If you want to keep your idea private, you can email or PM it to me.

    Here’s a list of things that might happen (if popular):

    1. 500,000,000 Adena item
    2. Rework Spellsinger’s cancel (shorter cast time)
    3. Lifesteal SA
    4. Merge some minor buffs into one (Bless the Body & Bless the Soul, etc.)
    5. Boost Tank Classes (Temple Knight, Shillen Knight, Paladin, Dark Avenger)

    Here’s a list of things that will not happen:

    1. Longer buffs
    2. AIO/Town buffers
    3. More buff slots
    4. +50 Safe enchant

    Other than those, hoping to read some interesting thoughts!


    Longer buffs, Town buffers, More buff slots —

    Boost tank and news skills +++ and 3 profession max lvl 80

    Enchant +16, save enchant +4 or +5

    Unless buffers the increase party Exp and SP




    Dear Silentz0r !

    This is my favorite server and I really want it to be even better. What can I offer?

    Could you make this please:

    1. L2 hatchling quest (Litte Wing). It would be great to pump pet from little hatchling to Strider 🙂

    2. Make subclasses (if it possible).

    3. Make SSD and bSSD packs (buy at 999 pieces not convenient).

    4. A lot of resources needed to craft S-grade. Make some resources for AA.

    5. Very long time need for Bladedancer for Dance of Vampire (74 lvl). Maybe give it before (at lvl 68-70)?

    6. Could you make please a unique buff for Prophet? I have lvl 62 Prophet, but not to play him because its not interesting.

    7. Special NPC with Christmas crackers and fireworks 🙂

    8. Special events (such as the invasion of monsters in Giran, assault raid bosses in Aden and so on).

    9. Increase drop from Raid-bosses (Or interesting spoil  from them 🙂 )

    10. Stack some buffs into one (Might+Shield, Focus+DW,Empower+Acumen,Haste+Guidance,WW+Berserker Spirit).


    Best Regards,



    Thanks a lot.

    1. We already have the hatchling quest. You can also grow it into a strider, and if you own a castle make your strider a wyvern!
    2. I really liked the stacking-style subclass system which was around before private C4 servers came out where you basically had skills from both classes at the same time, but it made some of the combinations very overpowered (e.g. Prophet + Spellsinger). Do you mean the original subclass system, or the “stacking skills” one?
    3. The 999 max items bug is just an old C1-C3 bug. This is a good idea, maybea pack of 5,000 for each soulshot/spiritshot type.
    4. S grade is not that hard to craft, what do you find difficult about it? Also, what do you mean by “Make some resources for AA”?
    5. That’s the original way. If you get everything you need before level 74, then there is no reason to get to level 74. Instead I think we should make buffer classes stronger and easier to play, so that they are not used just for afk buffs.
    6. See reply 5 🙂
    7. We have that every year, it’s coming soon 😉
    8. Manual events are pretty hard to do because of the low population, and C3 did not support automated events. This is really unfortunate, so I can only do events when I’m online and have enough time.
    9. Which raid bosses are you talking about? Lilith, Anakim, Baium and Antharas all drop a lot of things, including S grade weapons/armors and Titanium parts.
    10. This was suggested a while back too. Considering it for some buffs, however it will be difficult to do properly.

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond to the thread, and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the server!


    Dear Silentz0r !

    Thanks for your reply!

    1. Quest on hatchling works? Great, thank you!

    2. I meant the original subclass system, without “stacking skills” or overpowered combinations (maybe it would be interesting) 🙂

    3. Yes, pack of 5,000 for each SSD or bSSD will be great!

    4. In my opinion, S-grade craft need very many basic resources, such as stone of purity and mithril ore. Maybe it was easier to make possible purchase these resources from Mammon for Ancient Adena?

    5.Yes, you’re right. But Song of Vitality available to Sword Singer already at level 66. Dance of Vampire available to Blade Dancer only on 74 level and the difference between 66 and 74 is huge 🙂

    6. Ok 🙂

    7. Super! Thank you!

    8. Yes, you’re right. All events require a lot of time.

    9. I meant Raid bosses for 1-2 people, such as Last Lesser Giant Olkuth, Palibati Queen Themis, Death Lord Shax, etc.

    10. It’s not a problem. Buffs enough and the game is very interesting without this.

    P.S. Thank you for such a good and stable server!


    Best Regards,



    2. The original subclass system can’t be re-created on old chronicles. If you remember, the first “private” servers that got the working subclass system were C4+.

    4. I have thought of this, but if we make basic materials available in exchange for AA then low level crafter + spoiler are completely useless classes.

    5. Songs and Dances are balanced the way they are, I will try to explain: At Level 74 Dance of Vampire slowly absorbs damage dealt to the enemy, Song of Vengeance reflects damage dealt to the player. At Level 72 no buffs. At Level 70 they both get a defensive buff. We just consider Dance of Vampire better than Song of Vengeance because of the “Meta” (i.e. which buffs we consider “good” buffs), and the same goes at level 66 with Song of Vitality and Dance of Protection. I hope this makes sense.

    9. Thanks for reminding me. Those definitely need better drops!

    We do the best we can. I can’t take all the credit as many many people have worked on several different things, from server to client to website to tools we use. I am glad we’re able to run this server and people can come back and play some old style L2.

    The server has been online for a lot of years and the reason we keep it alive is simply because people keep coming back and want to play this great game on that era. We were never after big crowds or big donations, we just liked C3 and wanted to work on it as a project so that people who wanted to play C3 could enjoy the best version of this game.


    Dear Silentz0r !

    Thanks for your reply!

    2. I’m just want the sub-class system to be able to play from level 40 with other specializations and don’t make new characters 🙂

    4. Absolutely! Game by spoiler is very interesting and basic materials for AA just can kill him.

    5. Yes, you’re right. There is a game balance and we don’t need to destroy it.

    9. Super! Thank you!

    Thank you very much for this server! I’m understand that it’s a great work and I wish you all the best!


    Best Regards,




    Hi. I from Russia, my english is very bad. Give please NPC buffer.


    Hello. I understand that you are the master and you have your orders. However, since there are to be offered on the Buffer in the city you can try this idea, at least for a trial period. I’m sure it will change the position of the server. Thank you.


    Hello! problem : can not log into the game – not writing the correct password.check I have the correct.


    NPC buffer like all other of my old posts and the boost for suport classes wow that is great u can add to the suport clasess self bufs like dance lvl 2 and sovs lvl 2 self buf
    this was on L2gold server very good server playd for 6 yers
    and very good balance beste server ever and with npc buff but not 3 class bufs here u can add 3 clas bufs? like cov ?
    u can make a farm zon for 78 80 lvl and get the 3 class bufs like cov magnus chant ghreater shild and like hi5 skils improved combat add shild and might into 1 buff time 30 min is ok but u can make it beter 60 min but this is not importat npc buff is the most importat so new players can have fun and not to play very hard and die and get mad and leave npc buff = biger communiti
    o yes u can add rebirth sistem 2
    get lvl max and then rebirt lvl 1 and get 1 custom skil from rebirt book on l2 gold was like this the skils
    and all other profet buff + 5 % onli eva guidance have + 5 first reb + 8 second reb and + 12 3 reb bless the body + 10 % first reb 15 % second reb 20% 3 reb
    u can add custom raid boss jwels
    like earring o galaxia give + 7 run speed and 10% bow rezist i ahve the full list but my english is bad so if u have team speack or ventrilo or fb somthin i can call u so we can talk i cen help you edidt items and balance them like old gold c3-c4 was and had a loooot of player 12k was top



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