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    Hey everyone,

    I’ve decided to update our old and pretty empty guide with new information regarding our custom stuff. So, below you can find some info on L2OS Custom NPCs, Sieges & Clan Halls.


    Custom NPCs:

    Giran Castle Town is our main town. This means that most players idle there, and you can find most of our custom shops and (other custom NPCs) in Giran, as well as GMs. Here’s a list of custom NPCs on Giran (click on the map to view in full-screen):

    Trader Woodrow also sells Consumables and Quest items for changing your classes, as well as all other simple scrolls.
    Merchant of Mammon can be used for crafting custom Dusk Items, leveling Soul Crystals, unsealing B/A Set Items, Event Medal Exchange etc.


    All 6 Castles (Aden, Giran, Gludio, Gludin, Oren, Heine) are enabled and operational, so feel free to register for any of them.

    Clan Hall Buffer:

    We have decided that all clan halls will have a clan hall buffer. After you have won a clan hall bid, you should be able to see a Clan Hall buffer called “Jeffrey”. If you Clan Hall doesn’t have a buffer, simply PM me or toolpunk ingame, and we will add the Clan Hall Buffer in your Clan Hall.

    The list of buffs for Clan Hall Buffers is:


    Skill, Skill Level

    Might, Lvl 3
    Shield, Lvl 3
    Wind Walk, Lvl 2
    Focus, Lvl 3
    Death Whisper, Lvl 3
    Haste, Lvl 2
    Guidance, Lvl 3
    Agility, Lvl 3
    Bless the Body, Lvl 6
    Bless the Soul, Lvl 6
    Greater Acumen, Lvl 3
    Empower, Lvl 3
    Berserker Spirit, Lvl 2
    Magic Barrier, Lvl 2
    Greater Concentration, Lvl 6
    Vampiric Rage, Lvl 4



    They also provide heal and mana recharge, as well as Cancel Buffs (has 10 sec cooldown).

    Clan Halls:

    You can visit the Auctioneer NPC in most major towns (check top image for Giran’s Auctioneer NPC), where you can bid for clan halls for any town.

    Finally, maps with the names of the Clan Halls (for each town):



    Hope this helps everyone!



    Bumping to top.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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