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    Hey everyone,
    many of you joined us yesterday for the unsuccesfull Aden siege. Unfortunatelly it was not working as it was supposed, none of the castles were.
    I have now fixed all castles, and they will be siege-able starting this weekend. Don’t register yet, as it will take me some time to configure them. I will update this post for siege dates for each castle.
    The following Castles are siegable:

    Things that now work in sieges:

    *Building Headquarters
    *Breaking down Castle Doors & Walls (including the side ones)
    *Sealing the ruler
    *Life Towers

    I am checking as we speak the spawning of NPCs on a castle with a Lord, which didn’t work on Aden’s siege. I will update this post for more info.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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