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    General Rules:

    1. While playing on L2 OldSkool, you must respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. Offence (heavy cursing, swearing, racism, etc.) towards others, showing disrespect to GMs and all other ways of douchiness will lead to mute/jail/ban, depending on severity.
    2. Exploiting in-game bugs, wrong drop ratio, bugged NPC, L2walker buff bot, auto follow, etc. will lead to bans. If you find anyone breaking this rule report them immediatelly.
    3. Flood writing (spam) or repeating of phrases in the common & global (trade) chat is forbidden.
    4. In-game Trade (+) chat is our Global chat, which means players can see it everywhere on the server. Only English is allowed in Trade chat.
    5. The use of nicknames containing offensive words and/or phrases, as well as pretending to be a GM is not allowed. You can trust only the official GMs, presented on the website, or the ones you can find ingame by typing /gmlist
    6. The rules may be changed / updated from time to time, so please check them regularly.
    7. GMs are not allowed to give items, money, help players with their quests, sieges and clan wars, as well as disturbing the players.
    8. GMs are allowed to check personal / clan inventories & warehouses if in suspicion of hacking / bug abuse.
    9. If you lose your password or account (or they get changed by someone else) we might not be able to restore it, unless given sufficient evidence.


    Player (In-Game) Rules:

    Doing any of the following will get players punished:

    1. Use bugs in their own or somebody else’s benefit, regardless the type of the bugs.
    2. Beg the Admin or/and GMs for items, money, etc..
    3. Use any software that changes the type of packets sent to the server. This forbids also software that alters statistics and speed (including bot programs)
    4. Abuse bugs in the game. When you encounter a bug please make a Bug Report in the right forum section. Bug abusers of any kind are mostly getting banned.
    5. Snipe Monters (Mobs), meaning that you attack a mob from a position that it cannot reach.



    Punishments that could be used depends on the violation and severity:

    • Players may be muted (chat ban) or jailed.
    • Players may be deleveled.
    • Players accounts may be erased.
    • Players may get an account ban from the server aswell as for the forum. This can be an IP ban too, depending on severity.


    In order to play on this server you agree to the terms above. The lack of knowledge of the rules does not free you from any responsibility.

    If you find any violation from the above described rules and/or know somebody that did violate these rules, please post it ( with a screenshot if available) in the designated place on the forum. The punishment will be defined by the GMs according to the violation

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