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    Server Rates


    XP x35 / SP x50 / Adena x200 / Drop x5 / Spoil x5


    Server Features
    -Chronicle 3 (Rise Of Darkness)
    -Full C3 Geodata (Actually Full C4 but using only the C3 ones)
    -Full C3 Skilldata
    -Full C3 Itemdata
    -Full C3 Npcdata
    -Ancient Adena Farming Areas (Catacombs) without registration to SSQ Event
    -Hunter’s Village PVP Zone
    -Dusk Shield/Dusk Staff/Dusk Sword available
    -Raid Bosses and Raid Jewels (Necklace of Valakas etc.)
    -Custom Titanium Armors (Available by pvp events and donations)
    -Hero Weapons, Hero Quest and Hero Skills (L2Extreme style)
    -S,A,B and C Grade Special Abilities (S grade is balanced, A/B/C are the default SA’s)
    -Custom SSQ
    -Old C3 Tattoos (Tatto of Avadon, Tattoo of Soul etc.)
    -Buffs last 30 minutes, Dances + Songs 10 minutes (Might decrease to make Sword Singers and Blade Dancers more usable in PVP as well).
    -Antharas, Baium, Zaken, Orfen, Core, Queen Ant, Lilith and Anakim drop Raid jewels, but they respawn every 95 hours (Approximatelly)
    -Shops are in Hardin’s Academy for C/B Weapons and Armors, Spellbooks, Tattoos, Quest Items (1st & 2nd) and Misc stuff such as Enchant scrolls, Soulshots, arrows potions etc, and S Recipes
    -Custom events, where winners receive event tokens & medals as prizes
    -Maximum level 80
    -Auto SS working
    -Disabled CP (working but we don’t like it)
    -Party buffs (Alt+F while in party)
    -Alt+M for ingame Map
    -/loc and /time work
    -Custom masks which increase speed + Max. MP
    -Bow of Halisha/Tomb Staff/Axe of Ketra Orc
    -Anti Hlapex & anti dupe fixes (+ lots of security fixes)
    -Working Sieges
    -Wyverns for Castle Owners
    -Craft Level 1 for all Classes


    We pretty much have most C3 features working, and we sure will add more.
    This is a very small preview of the server. I will keep this post updated with any new features.

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