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    Hey everyone,
    that’s right! C4 Sets (Imperial Crusader/Draconic/Major Arcana), Jewel and S Grade Weapon recipes are added on Trader Alexis. C3 S Grade Armors Sets (Dragon Scale, Dragon Leather, The Set) can be exchanged for adena regularly at Trader Alexis.

    Now here’s some info on S grades:

    -First of all, all recipes are sold at Trader Alexis. (Also noted before)
    -ALL recipes have a 100% rate of success.
    -They don’t require many mats, just get a spoiler and you’ll understand.
    -You don’t need key materials for any armors, only for S grade weapons.
    -Spoilers can spoil mobs in DVC and FG for materials, all mobs have about a 80% of giving anything by spoil.
    -For S Grade Key Materials, you need to spoil Lilim mobs in Catacombs. Lilim mobs are the Black looking ones who carry Dusk Shields and Swords.
    -You will be able to craft your recipes also in Merchant of Mammon, but he will ask for extra ancient adena, and maybe extra materials.
    -You can craft Dual God’s Blade by obtaining 2 Forgotten Blades.


    That’s all for now, i’ll keep you updated,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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