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    Hi guys,

    Nostalgia hit me hard and I want to play L2 like the good old days so I’ve been looking for a C3 server recently and I stumbled onto this one. I haven’t played in years but I need to know a few things before I start so that I know if I’m going to enjoy myself here because I plan on staying a lot.

    I appreciate answers to any of the following questions, here I go!

    1) What are the buff durations? (Including songs and dances)
    2) Is multi-client allowed? (For buffs)
    3) How many active players are there?
    4) How is the server economy? Is there a market?
    5) What are all the rates? (Including spoil, quest, party xp and raid drop)
    6) Is there a GM shop?
    7) Is the server stable? (Down-time)
    8) Is there donating and rewards for it? (I saw some S grade stuff being sold, I thought there no S in C3?)
    9) How buggy is the server if at all? (geodata? quests?)
    10) Is there auto-pickup?
    11) Are there limits to enchanting? What’s the enchant rate?
    12) Are class quests needed?
    13) Are spell books required?
    14) Are there any NPC buffers?
    15) Are the GM’s and admins fair?

    Wow, you’re thinking that’s a lot of questions right? I guess that means I’m serious about playing here 🙂

    Thanks in advance!


    Oh sorry, forgot to add.. in what country is the server located?

    P.S: please don’t get the impression that I’m asking for any of this to play, I’d just like to know.


    Hello and welcome!

    1) 30 mins buffs, 30 mins songs & dances (originally was 10 minutes like L2Extreme, but had a community vote to change them for now)
    2) Yes, you can dualbox but you need to use an alt-tab fix found
    3) Unfortunately only a few, we need some people to stick around for a while so others will also stay
    4) ?
    5) They are L2x’s rates: XP x35, SP x50, Adena x200, Spoil x5. Party xp is increased, and Raid Drops are customised.
    6) L2x shops, found in Giran and Hardin’s Academy
    7) Server restarts about 2 or 3 times a week.
    8) Yeah, we’ve added L2x Titanium Set which is available by Raid or Donation. No overenchanted donations though. All donations are farmable ingame.
    9) Me and toolpunk have been working on this project for a few years now. I won’t say we’ve fixed every bug, but we haven’t had any bug reports in a while.
    10) No
    11) Enchant rate is the same as L2x, no actual limits in enchanting but anything beyond +16 or +17 is nearly impossible
    12) No, you can buy the quest items from the shops (like L2x)
    13) No
    14) Only Newbie Buffer for low levels, and Clan Hall buffers in every Clan Hall.
    15) Being an admin, I’ll be biased answering this question 🙂 We don’t do this for money, this is a fun project for us. There is no corruption/scamming like all the fail L2x remakes.

    That’s not a lot of questions at all. In fact, these questions should have been answered to everyone so well done asking. Stickied so new players will also be able to read this.

    Have fun here, hope you enjoy what we’ve been doing!


    This is a European server. It used to be located in Germany, currently we’re using a cheaper solution in Greece until the community grows. We’ll be (most probably) moving back to the German servers as soon as it’s required though.


    Hi silentz0r,

    Thanks so much for your welcome and for answering! I like what I see but I have one last critical question, what does the GM shop sell?


    Woodrow, Woodley and Alexis (the main shops) sell the following:

    • Quest Items
    • Consumables (Soulshots, Potions, Enchant Scrolls etc.)
    • C/B/A Weapons
    • C/B/A Armors & Jewels
    • Old C3 S Grade Armors (The Robe etc.)
    • Recipes: S Weapon, S Armor, S Jewels
    • C3 Tattoos

    We also have Merchant of Mammon which is for:

    • Unsealing B/A items
    • Leveling Soul Crystals
    • Crafting Dusk items
    • SSQ exchange & Medal exchange

    And finally Blacksmith of Mammon:

    • Add Special Ability (SA) to your C/B/A/S Weapons

    All of those NPCs are currently in Giran and Heine town, as well as their original L2x places (Shops at Hardin’s, Merchant in Dragon Valley).

    Hope this helps!


    I was also looking for this information! Glad I found it.

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