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    like many new player, who want to know more about the server but the Feature Post deosnt answert anything we want to know? I will list all question and answert i know sofar in case any new player search for information.

    You can the Admin post about server Feature here: Feature

    (I will dare and edit this post a bit, few things are not completely correct. Edited things are written in Italic.) [Alkien]


    Q. L2 make trouble under Windows 7

    A.  When you plan to play dual/tripple Box/Client L2 wil lcrash. The only solution right know is install TeamViewer and login into the client and then just minimize.

    A. Trade sometime/often crash client. Until now i have not lose any trade Item yet. but its still annoying to restart the client over and over.


    Q. Where can i find the NPC Shop?

    A. You can find them near the Gatekeeper in Giran castle town.


    Q. What does NPC Shop sell?

    A. Basicly anything you ever need. few D grade gear, and most of C-A grade gear. D-S Soulshot/Spiritshot.

    A. D grade can be bought in Giran’s Weapon and Armor shop, while C – A can be bought from NPCs at Giran’s stairs. You can also buy one of the three S grade Sets from these NPCs. Top S grade equipment however has to be crafted or obtained from killing Raid Bosses.


    Q. SoulShot/Spiritshot/Blessed Spiritshot always use one more then in the weapon description?

    A. wait for Admin Answert…

    A. It is (as Silentz0r explained) a security precaution. So, not a bug, but it is as it is. 🙂


    Q. NPC Buffer?

    A. Yes we have NPC Buffer but only for starter Character until level range 20.

    A. There is also a NPC buffer for any and all players who are in a clan with a Clan Hall. CH buffer has all the needed PP and SE buffs available. For dances and songs you need a SwordSinger and a BladeDancer.


    Q. Save Enchantment?

    A. Weapon = +3

    A. Helmet, Upper Body, Lower Body, Leg, Glove, Boots = +4

    A. One Piece Armor = +5

    A. Jewels = +3


    Q. Makro support?

    A. Makro dont work or is disable.


    Q. I bought B/A/S Equipment and the set dont work, why?

    A. There is a NPC name “Merchant of Mammon”. He can unseal them for you. Just becare full which set you choce (Robe, Light or Heavy).


    Q. I have unseal my B/A/S Set but i dont see the Bonus in my Passive Skill Windows?

    A. It sound silly but check if you have the right Level for the Equipment you want to use? 20=D Grade, 40=C grade, 52=B grade, 61=A grade. Since S grade is Custom on this server i think you need level 74+ level 67 to wear S grade Equipment.

    A. You might not see them but if you look at the charater status windows (alt+T) you might see the Bonus value changing.


    Other Info i notice while playing.

    This is a C3 Server but all mob have a C1 droplist. When you are searching for drop looking for C1 Database.

    You can’t edit your forum post (unless you are a Moderator)!


    i think this should be enought for now,  happy playing.



    when you close the teamviewer 10 an ads windows will popup. if you may find that annoyed, follow this step.

    1. goto: C:\User\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\TeamViewer

    2. find a data name “7.hta” or “*.hta”

    3. edit the “*.hta” file with the text editor. delete all the text/content inside

    4. save and then right click on “*.hta” file > property > mark the read-only option > apply and ok

    5. now no ads windows should pop-up when you close teamviewer 10

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