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    Hi GM.

    I started leveling my char (MamiWata) today in Elven Village and found the following bugs:
    1. My TOP NG staff (Mage Staff) consumes 3 Spirit shots instead of 2
    2. Blessed Spirit shots NG do NOT want to go into auto – I have to charge my weapon before each strike
    3. The quest “Protect the Water Source” from NPC Hierarch Asterios seems broken…after the initial 1 handful of dust, the NPC does NOT allow you to proceed with 5 more handfuls and complete the quest.

    So much for day one.

    Thx for reading.


    1. Its know. its a securitysetting on the server to avoid glitches.

    2. Thats also normal untill c3. Spirit/Blessed Spirit shots do not automaticly activate befor a nuke, but while nuking. If you want the castingspeed boost, you have to activate them manually.


    Hi vqtur, thanks for posting this.

    1. This is a security fix, all weapons consume +1 soulshots/spiritshots than the displayed value.
    2. Auto-BSS is not working the same way it works in C4+ here. The Spiritshot is activated after casting, so if you want to gain the reduced casting time you need to hit the BSS button manually.
    3. I will look into that quest, we haven’t paid much attention into quests since this is a higher rate server and therefore not a lot of people follow the RPG part of the game.

    Hope you had fun in your first day, and welcome to buggy old C3, I’m sure you’ll love it 😀


    I just tried the quest myself and it works fine, the NPC got my first 5 handfuls and I brought it another 5. Could you post some screenshots with the exact problem?


    just cast out of range -> it will load a shot before casting 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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