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    Actually i was wondering why Might was giving my Archer so less P atk. The Clanhall Might is Level 3. Yet it increases my Archers P Atk by 8%. Level 3 Should actually Increase it by 15%. So i tested some other weapons:

    Character Equipped with: Characters P.Atk Characters P.Atk with Might Level 3: P.Atk Bonus in %

    Heavy War Axe 367 P.Atk 421 P.Atk 15% ~

    Great Axe 367 P.Atk 421 P.Atk 15% ~

    Kris 337 P.Atk 386 P.Atk 15% ~

    Carnage Bow 1709 P.Atk 1850 P.Atk 8% ~

    Trying to understand why Dagger, Pole and Blunt are getting 15% P atk from Might Level 3, but Archers/Bow equipped chars only 8%.


    effect = {{p_physical_attack;{all};15;per}}

    So I dunno. Always, my first suggestion will be: Try it on a different chronicle, and if it works differently report it.

    *EDIT* Actually, just tested ALL B/A/S Weapons and it works fine. They all have a Buffed/Unbuffed Patk ratio of 1.15/1 , which means 15% boost. I have removed all skills from me, so I suppose that it doesn’t take into consideration things such as Bow Mastery etc.

    In other words, it works the C4 way.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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