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    It’s Silly to make 1 char as main also Prophet/Bladedancer/SwordMuse to support your main and the other one is spoil/craft for creation armor/weapon i already make my BD61SWS40PROPHET48(spend some weeks) In my opinion its boring to xp all character to rich the top lvl..while you must spend too much time to make S grade armor/weapon

    Admin Let’s Test it with Poll if ppl want to have changes?


    im recently maked S gear (Angel slayer dagger and set Draconic Ligth) and its not so hard … im leveled the spoiler in party to get extra mats.. then i maked a crafter…. having the char …. its take maybe 1 week spoiling for set grade S… Thats very fast in my opinion…. let it as is it.. no changes plz…. ppl are to lazy to spoil 1 week… if they want easy server (This is one of them) and cant get s gear, they should try some x99999 server with a npc that sell all and ruins the spoiling and leveling part of the game..

    Please Guys, just a spoil some days…. i know that is a bit borred cause low population… but im trying to help, i already wrote a thread here in general section about how u can get some buffs top lvl..

    More i cant do as a simple user…

    Anyways i try to help.


    Our spoil & craft system is fairly easy. It just keeps the idea of clans taking care of their clan members alive, while you can have spoil sessions with the clan’s spoilers etc. No you don’t need to make everything of your own, unless you plan on playing alone.

    The spoil system in particular has been manually re-created (every spoil has been manually added) in order to make sure it is balanced.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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