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    Okay how i start. My suggest is, to increase the restored amount of mana potions.

    In my opinion, some mage classes (Spellsinger, Sorc) are totally useless due to the heavy mana usage on higher levels and no chance to recover. (Body to Mind)

    If you go farm or raid, these two classes are no proper choice to create. Since there is no PvP here, the only high lvl content is farming in catacombs or go raid. making these classes nearly useless.


    Oh, come on … I have to disagree with the post up above.

    True, Spellsinger will run out of MP at raids, but the thing is not by far as problematic as you are saying. Let me stress here that I was playing Spellsinger as main character for over a year here (read: Hyperion, level 80 Spellsinger).

    Spellsinger and Sorcerer have no Body to Mind skill as Necromancer and/or Spellhowler, but that does not make them useless at all. While Necro and SH have to spam Body to Mind all the time at raids, Spellsinger can focus on damage only. Further on, Spellsinger has a casting speed of 1600+ and of course they will run out of MP faster than Necro with casting at around 1400. While Necro and SH use Body to Mind every 3rd Skill or so, that also means for them they do not do a constant damage as Spellsinger can. True though that Spellsinger needs to sit down when his MP runs out, but all in all I’d say it kinda equals itself with the time that Necro and SH use their Body to Mind while raiding.

    Also a tip or two on how to make MP regeneration super fast while sitting down with a Spellsinger:

    1 – Check your Weight – it should always be under 50% for full MP regeneration effect.

    2 – Use active Skill Mana Regeneration to boost your MP regeneration per tick greatly.

    3 – Use A grade cloak – it gives you a second MP Regeneration passive Skill.

    4 – Use MP potions every 15 seconds at Raids for permanent MP Regeneration Boost.

    With this “Skill Set” you will be regeneration your MP at a rate from 150 to 250 per few seconds while sitting down. Meaning that after your run out of MP at raids, you will sit for 30 to 45 seconds for full MP.

    Conclusion: Yes, would be cool to have better MP potions, but Spellsinger’s MP Regeneration is far from problematic nor it is making a Spellsinger Class useless. 🙂

    It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.


    The one thing I hated in L2x was the spammable mana potions – which we had here at the beginning in 2009 (the ones that instantly restore mana). We implemented this kind of mana potion to prevent people from spamming mana pots, otherwise mana is useless.

    We buffed Body to Mind a bit, so we might give Mana Regeneration (Spellsinger active skill) a small boost as well, but other than that I don’t think Mana Potions need more changes.


    okay, i understand the thing about SPS, but whats about Sorc?


    Sorcerer has even less of a problem with that. Sorc has maximum of 1400 casting speed so he does not drain MP as fast as Spellsinger. Further more, Sorc has Body to Mind level 1 so he can use this skill when in great need of MP. It is not as effective as Body to Mind level 5 but it helps nevertheless. As for Tips 1, 3 and 4 – they apply for any and all characters. 🙂

    It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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