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    I was curious so I made some little test and here the result ,
    Char A (Mortal Blow LV9 user) is a BD lv 70
    Char B SpellHowler Lv 70

    My goal was to calculate the land rate of dagger skill and also it’s power again robe/heavy/naked and what the difference on them.
    And also even if I knew C3 didn’t use SS for power i did test with them.
    Also I did both Buffed and Not buffed (all the time the spellhowler wasn’t buffed)
    So here :

    It the result I got with ten try and Failed mean it was doing 0 damage (aka no critical)

    Heavy S
    Dagger C NO SS : Failed|33|33|Failed|Failed|35|32|32|Failed|34
    Dagger C with SS : 34|Failed|Failed|32|35|33|32|32|35|Failed
    Dagger B NO SS : 41|42|Failed|42|41|39|43|40|41|42
    Dagger B with SS : Failed|40|42|41|41|36|41|Failed|42|Failed
    Robe S
    Dagger C NO SS : Failed|20|Failed|Failed|41|Failed|42|41|Failed|48
    Dagger C with SS : Failed|Failed|42|Failed|42|39|41|41|40|42
    Dagger B NO SS : Failed|Failed|Failed|52|Failed|Failed|Failed|Failed|Failed|44
    Dagger B with SS : 49|Failed|47|Failed|48|Failed|51|51|Failed|Failed
    Robe B
    Dagger C NO SS : 54|Failed|53|Failed|Failed|Failed|Failed|Failed|55|Failed
    Dagger C with SS : 53|Failed|Failed|Failed|Failed|54|Failed|Failed|Failed|50
    Dagger B NO SS : 64|Failed|Failed|66|Failed|Failed|60|62|60|65
    Dagger B with SS : 64|64|Failed|64|66|64|Failed|64|65|63
    Dagger C NO SS : 176|174|170|Failed|176|173|Failed|Failed|167|Failed
    Dagger C with SS : 171|178|176|178|Failed|172|Failed|Failed|Failed|177
    Dagger B NO SS : Failed|Failed|Failed|202|204|Failed|197|203|Failed|203
    Dagger B with SS : 215|204|205|203|Failed|Failed|206|199|213|Failed

    Here the same test with BD being buffed :

    Buffed (no songs)
    Heavy S
    Dagger C NO SS : Failed|Failed|156|Failed|156|Failed|156|155|156|155
    Dagger C with SS : 157|158|157|157|158|154|155|Failed|155|155
    Dagger B NO SS : 165|164|164|167|Failed|164|164|166|166|164
    Dagger B with SS : 165|165|166|167|164|163|Failed|165|163|167
    Robe S
    Dagger C NO SS : 169|167|170|Failed|168|170|167|167|Failed|167
    Dagger C with SS : Failed|Failed|171|169|170|167|171|167|Failed|Failed
    Dagger B NO SS : Failed|180|Failed|182|180|181|181|183|182|182
    Dagger B with SS : Failed|Failed|Failed|183|179|181|181|178|Failed|Failed
    Robe B
    Dagger C NO SS : 179|182|181|180|182|185|Failed|182|184|180
    Dagger C with SS : Failed|182|182|182|Failed|179|185|184|Failed|181
    Dagger B NO SS : 195|197|193|Failed|Failed|199|200|196|Failed|195
    Dagger B with SS : 200|196|197|198|198|202|197|199|Failed|199
    Dagger C NO SS : 388|Failed|Failed|409|408|404|394|Failed|312|331
    Dagger C with SS : Failed|323|326|319|327|315|Failed|316|319|321
    Dagger B NO SS : Failed|367|372|Failed|367|372|Failed|376|Failed|Failed
    Dagger B with SS : Failed|Failed|374|Failed|367|368|367|382|369|Failed

    So as we can see the buffs work as it should (Dance + Death wisper increase a lot damages and that normal)
    I don’t tell what I think. I just wanted to show how thing really work.
    Next Lab will be Skill power (Dagger and Gladiator) against Robe/Heavy and Heavy + Ultimate Defence.

    (PS: I don’t have find any proper section whereI should put it so feel free to move it if that not in the right one and Sorry ^^)

    Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !

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