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    what are you doing besides waiting for the server to be up?
    i am at work atm.

    and when i am home i want to exp up my Necro :D.

    my History

    Lineage 2 Official Prelude:

    35 Dark Elve Rogue had to quit due to RL 🙂

    Lineage 2 Katsu Chronicles c1:

    lvl 72 Dark Avanger Shinaja

    lvl 68 HE Akidan

    and several Buffers 😀

    Lineage 2 Official c3 -> Interlude:

    cccp: Defiance ally;
    Pretorians, Prets, Redsky -> all Exile Aliance

    lvl 77 Cardinal sub 72 BD Yela
    lvl 58 DA Nyxon
    lvl 61 HE IShootThingZ
    lvl 72 SE Shinaja
    lvl 52 TH Akidan
    lvl 44 Phantom Summoner Bumpy
    lvl 40 SR (2k pks :D) Spongo

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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