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    Hi all. I was so happy when i knew about C3 server in 2013 – Yeah dat very cool! but what i see…S armors\weapon\heroshit\hueropizdaero i etc.. GUYS WHAT IS GOING ON? DATS NO REAL C3?! whhhhyy? can you explain me please? i think ppl wanna classic, idk may be classic pvp or classic craft-pvp… Anyway good luck and if you can, please open classic c3 server.


    There is indeed many custom things here. But c3 concept is more or less the classic c3. Heroes for one are not the “Olympiad” orientated but a status gained by completing a special recipe, which by the way (in my opinion) no one will be able to complete in 1 year … even then … the success rate is 50% … in other words – if you fail that recipe, you probably quit the server. 🙂

    As for S armors … I would say (silentz0r can explain that better) it is so that we stay focused on spoiling and crafting even after gaining A grade from shops. Those armors are a bit stronger than A grade sets so it is good to have them but they are not overpowered whatsoever.

    As for buffs … with full PP buffs player’s stats still suck badly. Especially since dances and songs are lasting 5 minutes —> no one will have those buffs in normal game play unless you get a clan mate who is willing to play those 2 characters beside you and buffing you every 5 minutes. So … it will be old classic pvp as you mentioned it. (in my opinion that actually sucks, but from what I read, you and maybe some more guys will like that) I for example am not a big fan of 800-900 casting speed with buffs on. (consider here that there are no DYES in c3 and tattoos make no big difference at all)

    It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.


    Long story short, this will be just like L2x C3 was. I liked it, most people liked it. S grades are craftable, hero system is just like it was in L2x. Nothing to do with the official hero system. Currently fixing loads of bugs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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