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    Hey douchebag, I mean hakimedead,

    after you told us to delete/ban/remove you, you clearly want to stick around as you’ve been trying to use every possible exploit there is. Whenever you’re done trying to hack us let us know, I’ll unban your forum account so you can speak. You’re among the people I would gladly smack as we are offering a C3 server on our fucking expense and all you’ve been trying to do for the past few days is abuse our server.

    I hope you let us know if you succeed in doing anything and make yourself useful.

    Have at it.




    The Most retard ppl who use L2walker / bot IG they also try to abuse from bugs/xploits phx hacks and every crap around
    Fail players… They don’t even deserve to be called players because they barely play and always they try to find a way to win cheating… Just to hell with him… We don’t need such kind of ppl, he won’t report anything I bet he will try to use all to his benefit

    What is a drop of rain compared to the storm? What is a thought compared to the mind?


    You shouldn’t worry, most (if not all) bugs are fixed. I just wanted everyone to know that this dude who wanted his account deleted probably spent the most time on the server so far.


    Can’t say I am surprised though – only a lifeless person as he is (trying to delete his account!?), can afford to spend his time doing a complete bullshit. What is the reward that these cheaters and hackers get? Personal satisfaction of any kind? Recognition? A feeling that they did something good? (no answers expected) If I was to live to “harm” others, I’d rather kill myself … so all I can say to this guy and others like him – I indeed feel sorry for the waste that you call your life.

    Got a bit into philosophy again, sorry, but I felt like sharing.

    It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.


    Guys, just move on. Don’t feed the troll. This guy came here looking for a fight. All he wants is your attention. Now he has it. That said, don’t worry too much. Our server and website are pretty safe. Most certainly too safe for some random script kid.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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