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    Im noticed that much ppl left server because they dont have buffs….. so here a litle help for them.. im the clan lider from “the suports” and im the owner of clan hall ruby in gludio castle town..

    in each clan hall is a npc buffer top lvl… i will let open then doors from clan hall so new players can buff there, but there is a problem… only characters that have clan can use that npc buffer …. so make sure u create a clan…. its not needed that the new char join my clan .. (its full) just create a own clan anf go for that buffs .. i recomend to create a dancer or songer first…. so u can take buffs after create a clan, and u will have song too, after that make a dancer ad u will have very good buffs.

    I will let open the clan hall doors .. i do this to help new players..


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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