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    ToNy Montana

    So, you’ve installed L2 Oldskool and it still crashes when you click out of the window?

    You just have to do the following steps:

    1. Download this: (
    The password to open this is: Tonymontana
    (all in lower case)

    2. Once downloaded, extract all files to a folder.

    3. Run PokemonGenerator.exe, type in any name you want. Click copy.

    4. Run DFS.3.3.1.exe

    5. Click through the installation, once it’s installed (make sure the option to run on start up is ENABLED, it is by default, so don’t uncheck the box when installing)

    ONLY DO NOT update this program, after doing step 8 below.

    6. Run the program if it’s not already running (Check start menu for Display Fusion, or look in the task menu for the below icon)

    7. Right click that blue icon, click ‘Settings’

    8. Click the ‘License Key’ button and then click the ‘Paste from Clipboard’ button (hopefully you haven’t copied anything else, if you have, go back to the keygen.exe and click copy again)

    It should look like this after clicking ‘Apply’


    9. Now click OK. Run L2.exe from your system folder. You won’t error ever again. (At least not the alt tabbing out/clicking out of window error).

    This fix was brought to you by:

    Sparda0000 (Warriors)

    TonyMontana (Warriors)


    Thanks for this, although I’m not a fan of installing extra software. We have suggested a much simpler workaround to this issue:

    – Hit Enter (on chat) before alt-tabbing.

    When the chat window is focused, your client will never crash after switching windows.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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