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    Hey everyone,
    below i will explain a bit about Catacombs & Necropolis’:
    On every gatekeeper, you can find a teleport link to Catacombs & Necropolis’. For now there are no low level cata’s & necro’s, but we will work on that. Now, inside there are “Lilim” mobs such as Lilim Slayer, Lilim Knight etc., and “Nephilim” mobs such as Nephilim Priest, Nephilim Commander etc. They have increased stats, and it’s highly suggested that you join a party before visiting a cata/necro. They are all lvl 78 mobs, and they all drop adena, water/fire/wind mantra or water/fire/wind rune. Mantra & Rune can be exchanged at Dusk Priestess and Priest of Dawn for Ancient Adena (A.A. is used for SA, unsealing etc.). They also have a slight chance of dropping one of the following items:


    -Dusk Shield
    -Dusk Sword
    -Dusk Staff
    -Titanium Helmet
    -Titanium Armor (Heavy)
    -Titanium Armor (Light)
    -Titanium Tunic + Stockings
    -Titanium Boots (Heavy/Light/Robe)
    -Titanium Gloves (Heavy/Light/Robe)


    Finally, the exp rate of these mobs is 5 times greater than the rest of the mobs.
    This should do it for now, if needed i’ll reply here.


    P.S. Only LILIM mobs can be spoiled for S grade weapon key materials, with a 10% chance of success.


    *UPDATE 17/02/2010*
    All drops have been removed from Catacombs mobs, Lilim mobs still spoil S key mats.

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