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    I want to tell you guys that when I press download the L2C3_Installer, the downloader starts but after some minutes he shows me that the download has been completed, I open it, run, install, and after 80-85% of installation, I receive an error that said “Files are corrupted or missing some files”.
    I go check the Installer and shows me 1GB of download or 1gb 69 etc. My question is why hes not downloading the full Installer 2GB,200 MB
    Second question, is possible to have a bad part if I have Interlude also h5 installed on my PC?
    I am waiting for support, thank you!


    How generous. Thanks nice activity I fixed it already


    Hello and welcome,
    There’s no problem with having many clients installed. Some people’s Internet Connections time out before they can actually finish downloading such a big part. If you look in the forums, this has been asked before and we have suggested:

    1) Use Firefox, because it lets you continue interrupted downloads, or
    2) Use a Download Manager, for the same reason

    I’m glad you managed to fix this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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