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    Hello everyone,

    i have been on and off from this server. I have question about clan & clan hall system. I hope you can give me some details. Here is some question i have.



    1. Can everyone access clan hall warehouse? put/take items?

    2. If someone leave a clan, like leaving an inactive clan, is there a penalty?


    Clan Hall:

    1. Which clan level do i need for a clan hall?

    2. How much is the cost to obtain a clan hall?

    3. Clan hall with buffer & teleport service: how much is the maintenance cost per day/week/month?

    4. Will the clan hall drain all clan leader adena? What happend after that?


    Sorry for all the question. I only can find current L2 clan & clan hall system but not for this server C3 version.





    Hello. These are some good questions which I should have already answered in the Tutorial I made: NPCs, Sieges & Clan Halls, so thanks for reminding me!


    We have custom Clan Privileges: Invite to Clan, Withdraw from Clan WH, Open CH/Castle Doors, Set Title. You can speak to Zashida in Giran (next to the Gatekeeper) to find out more.

    1. Every Clan member can see and deposit items inside the Clan Warehouse, but only the leader and those with the Clan WH Privilege can pick up items. However, due to a bug we discovered this has been disabled temporarily and only the Clan Leader can pickup items from the Clan Warehouse (for now).
    2. No, there is no penalty. It might take a few seconds for the server to update, however.

    Clan Hall:

    1. I think it’s Level 4 to get a clan hall, but I might be wrong. @Alkien knows these things better 😮
    2. This depends on the grade of Clan Hall. Dion CHs are 20,000,000 to obtain and 10,000,000 per week while Aden CHs are 50,000,000 to obtain and 15,000,000 per week. The Auctioneer NPC in every town can give you the exact current prices for every Clan Hall.
    3. Clan Hall Buffer does not cost anything at the moment, as it was an “extra” addition to Clan Halls. I will try to see if we can implement it that way, which would be a lot more interesting.
    4. This is a common misconception. Clan Hall can be purchased and maintained by Clan Warehouse adena, it does not drain the Leader’s adena. This is why all Clan members should make sure they deposit enough money in the Clan Warehouse every week to maintain it. If there is no more adena for a few weeks, then the Clan is removed from the Clan Hall and the Clan Hall gets placed back for sale (i.e. another Clan can bid on it).

    Hope this helps, I’ll update the thread I linked soon as well.



    10m or 15m adena is pretty much for a casual player like me. Currently, it is not worth for me to obtain and maintain a clan hall. Do you plan to reduse the cost while we have very low population?

    yes thank for the info, cheers.


    The prices were increased a few months ago because people could just farm adena for a few days and never have to worry about losing their Clan Halls. Maintaining a Clan Hall should be an active thing, so we don’t plan on decreasing it. Here’s the math behind it, just so you realize that it really isn’t all that bad:

    • DVC mobs drop 150,000 to 250,000 adena each and they’re not the highest level ones (Catacombs mobs drop a lot more).
    • This means that in order to maintain a clan hall you need to kill: 10,000,000 adena / 150,000 adena per mob = 67 mobs or 10,000,000 adena / 250,000 adena per mob = 40 mobs.
    • So, you need somewhere between 40 to 67 mobs every week to maintain a simple Clan Hall.
    • When you are level 70+, if you get fully buffed it should take 5-10 seconds to kill a DVC mob (a fully buffed mage with regular A/S grade gear can kill the mob in 2 or 3 hits). This means that you need worst case scenario 10 sec * 67 = 670 sec = 11 min 10 sec of farming, excluding travelling time. Even if it takes you twice as much to walk around from mob to mob, you are still left with 8 more minutes of buffs to continue farming and that’s just from one buff cycle (all buffs last 30 minutes).

    I really don’t think 10-20 minutes every week is a lot to ask for a Clan Hall. Also the high prices prevent people from farming a Clan Hall and holding it forever. If you reach a high level and farm a bit you will have more than enough adena to do everything. In fact, maybe some top tier Clan Halls could have a much higher price but offer extra sweet goodies, if I can come up with something cool 🙂


    If I am not mistaken a Clan level 2 can already auction for a Clan Hall. If that is a wrong info (for which I apologize), then I am 100% sure that a Clan level 3 can auction for it. Level 4 needs a quest and everyone can have a Clan Hall before questing begins. So level 3 is definitely giving you a chance to auction for your Clan Hall.

    If you have a chance and can spare that 20.000.000 adena + 10.000.000 adena per week, be sure to grab yourself that Clan Hall as soon as possible. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

    It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.

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