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    Some Hero Weapons are fine. The Dagger, the Pole, the Rod and the Swords are all Perfect. Yet i feel the Fists (only critical Stun and Evasion) and the Bow (Only Critical Slow…) are useless. Its even more helpfull to use the Shining Bow Quick Recovery than using a Critical Slow Bow on a Critical Rate of 200. Id like to see a Critical Rate up on the Bow like 65 or 70, not as much as the Dagger but at least a bit and a Quick Recovery Effect. Like the Fists need some Critical rate up too. And the Hero Staff Needs a % M atk too, not just 45 m atk like the other SAs. My Point of View


    I have tried the hero bow and it is fine. Slow procs more often than you think. Thinking about the hero staff, but it already increases matk by a lot.

    I have said this before, please don’t comment on things that have not been tested yet by the community. As soon as we get the first few heroes we can worry about their buffs and weapons. Till then you will need to trust our judgement.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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